Friday, April 18, 2014

The Origins x Hiruscar Dance Competition 2014

Okay update! The Origins is taking part in another dance competition- Hiruscar Post Acne Step Up Dance Competition. :) 

Most of the old members of The Origins are taking part in this competition plus we have many additional faces! A team of 13 talented dancers is representing the crew for this flash mob styled dance competition.

Tomorrow we will be having our video shoot with the Hiruscar Post Acne crew for the formal audition video. We have been practicing every night for 2 weeks now and we are ready to kick ass in the video shoot tomorrow! The audition video will be released on May 5th and the top 10 liked audition videos will entitle the teams to enter into the finals to fight for the grand prize of RM5000. So guys, your support will be needed!

For now, do check out the introduction video to our crew! :) If you want to watch the introduction videos to the other teams, go to YouTube and search for the Hiruscar Post Acne page. :)

Thank you in advance everybody! Wish us luck. :)

With all the love,

The Origins x D2M Dance Competition 2013

Hey people! This is a really delayed post about a dance competition I joined last year- Dare To Move (D2M) Dance Competition 2013. It was my first time joining an official dance competition so it was an awesome experience for me!

The TUDC gang formed a crew, The Origins, and took part in the competition together. :) Below are individual shots with the crew mates!

With Tim. 

OMG Hendry's face hahah + photobombed by Tim.

Arvin, former TUDC President before my awesome batch took over. :P

Damien, leader of The Origins. 

With Nat, the only other girl in the crew. 
Awesome waacker, first time working and performing with her!

Lejun and Lejun Sao, Anne. :)

A walrus-mimicking shot with Tim and a duck face one of myself. :B

Competition video is linked here!! We worked really hard for this competition, practiced every night consecutively for 2-3 weeks. Didn't make it to the finals but it's okay, the experience was all that matters! We did great and I am really proud of my team. :)

With all the love,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Trip to Cherating

So Tim and I went on another trip with the Taylor's University Tourism School (first time was Penang) and this time round we went to visit Cherating, Kuantan. It was my first time in Pahang and both our first times to the new place so yay! Intro pic looks so cheeky but I love it! We both looked so happy here. :))

First stop was lunch at a seaside seafood place.

Tim's junior, super active and outgoing Tour pack leader Haha.

Our next stop was the Turtle Sanctuary. I swear the baby turtles were the cutest things!! The place itself was not very impressive but seeing the turtles made up for it. You also get to pay and in the night release the little turtles into the ocean but we didn't do that due to time constraints.

Then we took a Mangrove Cruise along the Hafiz River. :) It was a relaxing nature-filled ride through the mangrove, which for me was another first. Along the way, on two separate occasions we spotted black and yellow snakes resting among the trees. The boatman said that snakes were only active during the evening, and if tourists are lucky they will also get to see squirrels, crocs and etc.

After a list of activities we finally reached our hotel, Impiana Resort Hotel Cherating.

The room we got. :) It was really cozy with all the wood and the reds in the room. And the best part, every room in the resorts gets a beach view which is a super plus! TV was instead a small computer monitor but it wasn't really a big deal. After checking in, we had ourselves sometime to rewind and play in the sea before heading over to the banquet in evening.

Went to the banquet that evening, enjoyed a buffet and a string of performances prepared by Tim's juniors, DT5 (Domestic Tour batch 5).  

Ordered room service that night cuz we were both hungry. Club sandwich.

Next morning. I wouldn't mind waking up to this view every day. :)

Hotel breakfast was good. :) They had a ton of choices to choose from, from western breakfast to porridge and nasi lemaks to an omelette counter. They also have the mini pancakes with the usual toppings made available such as honey and chocolate syrup!

Before departure, we went for a walk by the sea to take some pictures of the pretty place. :) After breakfast we went to play in the sea again but no pictures because neither of us brought our phones. :/

This place reminds me of Damai Beach Resort from back home. I really enjoyed my stay here. :)

Woke up after about an hour of bus ride, we arrived at Teluk Cempedak. Had lunch in the prettiest Mcd to date, one overlooking the ocean. I expected us to stop at some usual shitty R&R place but I woke up to this pleasant surprise. This place is so pretty it made my day. :)  They also have Chatime by the sea, Starbucks by the sea, KFC by the sea- this place is heaven! In the picture is Ben, Tim's junior and also a member of the Dance Club.

Photobombed by Tim LOL.

The beach is so peaceful and clean even though it is crowded. I really really want to come back here again. :)

One with Tim on the bus back to campus. :) And that concludes our 2D1N Cherating trip. Cheers to another trip together! Darling we've come a long way. 

With all the love,