Thursday, June 28, 2018

Keryn's Travelogue: Boracay ATV and Water Activities

A super happy intro pic to kick start my Boracay travelogue. :)

My 6D5N trip to Boracay, Philippines trip took place last year November. The trip was special to me because it was one with my secondary school besties. 2017 was the 10th year we became friends and the trip was to celebrate this priceless friendship we happened to forge a decade ago. And Lester's birthday falls in the month of November so it was his birthday trip too!

Here's a picture of the 10-year trio. :)

I would think my posts for Boracay come quite untimely as Boracay has recently been shut down for a maximum of 6 months beginning April 2018. However, this announcement does not in anyway diminish how beautiful Boracay was to me and the memories I had while I was there! Boracay island will be back in operation in October 2018 and I hope my posts here will encourage you guys to make Boracay your next tropical vacation destination!

And since Boracay is a seaside paradise a day of water activities is a must! On the first full day on the island we paid our guide 800PHP (~RM60) for 4 activities for the day. We just strolled along the beach and found a random tour person to bring us. The packages, which you can mix and match different activities according to your preference, were mostly around the same price so fear not about getting ripped off but do shop around for the best value!

1. ATV

Given the fact that I love driving and I love driving fast, ATV was surprisingly difficult for me! The track was rocky the whole way and I couldn't seem to figure out how much power I should push onto the pedal lol. I kept rolling down the hill backwards and my ATV engine kept dying on me that I ended up using the guide's ATV lol.. That said, it was still much fun!

We stopped for pictures at the lookout point. Just look at that view!

We then made our way down hill to the private beach that could only be accessed via the ATV route and took a break with a refreshing coconut drink for 50PHP (~RM4).

There was a designated cameraman that pops up randomly and helped us take pictures along the way. So we had a little photoshoot on the beach lol. Too bad the pictures were all overexposed and I am no good at colour correction so yea, pardon the awful quality!

During lunch break we had sisig with rice, a must have Filipino dish recommended by a new found local friend! It is a pork dish seasoned with lime and topped with pork lard. It's salty and savoury and so goodddd.

Then we were off to sea for water activities!

2. Underwater Helmet Diving

We were sent to this platform filled with people and these 25kg underwater helmets to wait for our turn there. While we waited, our diver taught us some hand signs so we were able to communicate under water.

It was my first time trying underwater helmet diving and it was really fun. Have always been afraid of deep waters but the location we went the waters were clear and not too deep that we get to dive to the bottom and interact with the fishes. You would hear the bubbling from your helmet and your own breathing but other than that it was peaceful and quiet.

Our diver taught us how to make water rings and walk on the seabed. We also got to lift our helmets for a picture, which was quite cool! The pictures turned out lovely and I'm glad we got to capture the experience. :)

3. Parasailing

We went parasailing when the sun was setting. Parasailing was relaxing and not as scary as I imagined. When you are cruising in the air, just take your time to enjoy the sea breeze and the view of Boracay Island.

It would've been a more relaxing ride if Ivelyn wouldn't constantly complain to me her need to go to the toilet which really killed the chilled vibe LOL. And LOL at Lester's landing pineapple hairstyle!

4. Flying Fish

Lastly we played Flying Fish, an activity for the thrill seekers. And what a way to end the day!

We were seated on a float pulled by a boat and the captain would make turns to try to throw us off. The float would fly almost vertically and we definitely gave our all not to be thrown off! But one travel mate fell off the first round. And I fell off the second round. LOL just look at that poor being stranded in the sea. And since it was already the end of the day, climbing back onto the float was the most difficult part lol... But it was so much fun and I would do it all again! We even contemplated to come back another day for a second round haha.

And that was our first day at Boracay! Till the next one. :)

With all the love,

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Highlights of My 2017

Hi there! Keryn here. :)

In case you haven't noticed, I am transforming this space into a niche travel blog, which I have started to do since awhile ago now. For my personal life, I post more consistently on Instagram and you can stalk me there! But since this blog started off as a personal space where I do feel more emotionally attached to, I plan to insert bits and pieces of my life updates in between travel posts. I rarely posted about my personal life last year and I realize I did not make a reflection post on my 2017!

Similar to the Highlights of My 2016 post, I wanted to do the same for my 2017. And I should, before 2018 flies by again. I know I know, it is already mid year into 2018 so please pardon my super delayed post! That said, in the future I should just forgo the delay disclaimer since it has become a norm on this platform LOL.

If I had to pick one word to describe my 2017, it would be contentment. Let's get straight into it!

Some pictures to wrap up Chinese New Year 2017! I like posting CNY pictures because everyone looks their best and looks happy! Here are some pictures taken during last year's CNY back home in Kuching. :)

On the first day of CNY the fam would wear the same colour and I love it! Then with the cousins we had our once-a-year outfit coordinated picture session. 2017's theme was brown and black and I think we pulled it off really well. *heart shaped eyes* Second to last picture was with dad and sis at a local bar drinking and hanging out. :) Last picture was when primary school mates brought me out for laksa one morning as I've been craving it.

A few pictures while doing life with Tim in 2017. :) I feel 2017 was a good year for us. The year before the last, we faced some difficulties in this relationship but I am thankful we got through it and came out of it stronger. I am thankful we are always able to talk openly about our problems and I am thankful he never gives up on us.

One of the funniest yet sweet and incredibly relatable quote to me is "Relationships are just two people asking each other what they want to eat, until one of them dies" LOL. But on a serious note, I really don't mind having Tim as my food buddy for a long long, long time. :)

And of course doing life with the gang since TUDC days. 2017 sees us occupied with work, some separated to different places but we make plans to hangout whenever we can, and though we do not meet as much as I would love to, we still going strong!

I celebrated my 25th birthday in May last year. 

Simple celebration but Tim made me feel special and cared for throughout the whole time. We had a road trip to Genting for a day, he sang me birthday song at 12am on 29th and brought me out to birthday dinner. :) Birthday gift was a pair of Nike workout gloves which I have been wanting for awhile now to go hand in hand with the gym membership I signed up for for the whole of last year. I used it for every weight lifting class I attended and it was a thoughtful gift.

Also not forgetting the lovely surprise from friends and the beautiful necklace from the family. Blessed!

Major of my 2017 was again spent on Kueendom activities. :)  Gotten very close with my Kueendom girls and happy to have the Kingsman boys to add an interesting mix! Julie left to return to Korea but I'm glad we got to make many many memories together before she went back. TT Thankful that at 26 outside my professional job, I still get the opportunity to be on stage doing the thing I love. Sometimes it does take a toll on my body though but I plan to do this as long as I am able to!

Christmas 2017 was lovely. It snowed in KL! -courtesy of Pavilion Mall. Spent Christmas night with Kueendom and Kingsman and had a lovely time. Sat on Stella, my Secret Santa's lap and gave her a big hug for the nice gift she got me!

Tim was away for work but he made sure I was taken care of during the festive season. He left a surprise gift in his room and had me find it and open it on Christmas night. The Pandora floating locket is lovely and it was really sweet of him! :') The earrings are from Tim's parents- it's a pair of crystal wings and I love them.

And that's my wrap up for 2017! :)

P/S I have yet traveled in 2018 (except flying home for Chinese New Year and for voting BTW VERY PROUD TO BE MALAYSIAN!), but travel plans are coming up which I am very excited for! Meanwhile, do anticipate the posts for my trip last year to Boracay, Philippines coming up soon. :)

With all the love,