Sunday, February 21, 2010

my CNY in short

Chinese new Year is coming to an end... I'm wrapping up my cny earlier as my lil' sis and bro are going back to school tomorrow~ Here's a post to show my readers the synopsis of my CNY holidays =D

In the picture is my cny 1st day's outfit. Got myself all dolled up in lolita theme, nails done, with curly hair and a ribbon on top =D

Went to relative's house in the day and everyone went to my house during the night. It was Valentine's Day too, bB and I had dinner at Happy Valley~

My grilled chicken chop in the dark xD

The rose and necklace are my Valentine gifts from bB =) The pink rose was, for me, the prettiest rose that I have ever seen in my life... =3 And i love the necklace lots~

The necklace was chose by bB himself, saying that the heart outside is him and the little heart inside is me~ =) It's somewhat like the scene in BOF - when Junpyo gave Jandi a necklace with a moon and a star... Do you recall? ^O^"

My outfit for cny 2nd day~

Went to Jenny's house that night. Did some girl's talk and bid a farewell to Ivelyn - my bestie, before she went back to continue her National Service... =)

Outfit for cny 3rd day~

Went to Boulevard to shop for stuff to cook and Vivian's present~ That night, friends came to my house for a little gathering..

At first, i was not very glad because usually i held my Open house at CNY 4th day, but i rearranged due to some inconveniences. Also, some of my besties can't show up, namely Ivelyn (NS), Jia fen (Sibu), Lester (vacation), Yj (Kl), Jiew Chen (no transport), Ah Wai (Hk)... TT

But in the end i had fun too, and so i was glad that i didn't cancel the gathering. =D

Outfit for CNY 5th day~

Went on a movie date with bB at The Spring and I treated bB with KFC later =D

The movie was okay and not that funny... Annoyed when the crowd went laughing out loud when the scenes were unfunny xD Rate 6/10, but i'm glad i watched it with bB~ =)

A heart!! ^^ Formed with the shrimp bought at KFC which was not tasty @@ Went to Esther's that night. Sang K and had lots of fun there =)

Outfit for CNY 6th day~

Went to Louise's place. Didn't know it was his b'day so I didn't prepare a present @@ Anyway, happy birthday!! ^^ Sang K at his house too ^^

CNY 7th day~

Went to MBO again to watch another movie with friends =) Rate 6/10

I want to watch Valentine's Day!! The one that stars Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway and lots of big stars from Hollywood but i didn't get to... TT Instead, i watched two Chinese films that both the trailers didn't appeal to me xD *sighs.....

Again, more pictures will be uploaded soon to my Facebook page~ ^^

I might regret uploading the pics though... Coz sad but true, i'm an outfit-repeater, and you might see me wearing the outfits that i wore in the pics all year round xD

Signing off. Goodnite =)

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