Saturday, February 27, 2010

Young Su's Ice cream

Ekkk... @@ Din't notice that someone's at the back earlier... Scared me.

So anyway, just now Daddy brought sis and I for ice cream at Young Su's Ice Cream shop located at Jalan Song. It's a small dessert shop that is opened by a Korean man~

"Aneo hasaeyo!" was what I wanted to say to the guy when I went to order ice-cream at the counter, but i didn't. I wanted to say "kamsa hamnida" to him when he find me my change, but I didn't... == And clearly, i didn't have the courage to say "annyong" as well, I regret it...

Why am I such a coward!! TT Then a few korean people walked in and they conversed in Korean... It was so cool. xD I wanna go live in Korea and talk like them everyday.... I would like that a lot =D

This is Yogurt Bbeong. It's ice cream sandwiched between two pieces of cracker-like food. We ordered Vanilla Bbeong too, and the ice cream taste like ordinary ice cream~ But i like it ^^"

When i ordered, I didn't know how to pronounce the word @@ I pronounced it like "b-b`e-ong", and the shop keeper corrected me by saying it as "bong"... xD It was humiliating~

And later Mummy gave us cash to go shopping at Jenny. A 50% sale is going on there... And so, we bought 3 pairs of shoes to share and a simple top for myself =)

Thanks Mom ♥ You wanna save money but you still let your shopaholic daughter go shopping =)

I'll try my best to focus on the Needs and not to splurge on the Wants onwards... Thank you again! Feel so happy right now^^

Gonna get ready for performance. Bye. =)


"East said...


kerYn said...

i agree that it's weird bt i like it ^^ Korean english~~
I din see the post oooo.... I go see again ^^

Chell~ ^^ said...

keryn.. XD the middle pair of shoes, is the exact shoes I wore to ur house and you said it was cute XD hahaha

keryn♥ said...

izzit?? lol... i didn't know yours had holes de? ekk... paiseh ><