Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daddy's bday~

Latest Keryn - with all black hair~

Belated post -- Daddy's bday on the past 16th may~ No cakes, no presents, just a simple lunch. We went to celebrate @ Causeway Bay, Crown Square =)

Daddy and lil' bro~

Daddy's Char Kueh Teow~ 

Har kau, chicken feet & liu sar pau... Sis, Dad & my seperate favourites ^^

Mine and sis's Cheese baked rice~ x) 

Hers was seafood and mine was chicken chop... Vry nice!

My drink - Purple Dream. 

Nothing special about this beverage, but I always order this every time I went there xD Maybe its because I like the name~ ^^

Now let me show you how our meals usually goes~ 

Newspaper, Gameboy, DS~ = =''...

And I was always the one looking for conversation~ @@" If not so, I bet they can go through the whole meal without even speaking xD

Then there was me, sitting there like an idiot, with nothing to do, at times listen to songs on my phone~

*Out of topic* 

This is my recently crystalized earphone! Teehee^^

BACK, the bills were rm62.30~ I said I wanted to treat Daddy to this meal, and I did brought money. But he said it's okay and insisted to pay =(

So he paid rm50 and I paid for the rest~ & No I didn't like that. =(

...But thanks anyway dad, and Happy Bday =)

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