Friday, May 21, 2010

Gathering b4 Lester's leave~ =)

Only 10 days without update & yet it felt like ages~ @@"

Sorry readers, I can't find time to update. The only thing I can do everyday is to go on Facebook, start a new shift in Hotel City, comment a few friends, then it's off to homework & study.

Yup, just like what i said in my Facebook status, I now look depressed and miserable... >< Adding up to the fact that my hair is dyed back to pure black, that made my skin look more yellowish, by comparison.

I tend to laugh a lot though... Try to find the smallest things to laugh about, just to make life a little less dull xoxo

Back to the main topic... One of my best friends, Lest was leaving for Perak for further his studies with Petronas. We went to Hornbill corner to celebrate~

7/5/10 This was my outfit for that night =) 

What theme?  LOL i don't know. & I'm fatter now...

Group picture ^^ 

3 tables of super-loud and crazy kids xD I know we annoyed other customers that night... But obviously we didn't cared, coz we were too happy =D

Aduh Kai Li, you purposely covered my face with your spoon ehh~! xDD [photo by Nariko Chai]

Ehehe. Lest's just too cute =P

And this was the Gossip Group~ xD All night eat eat eat, then gossip gossip gossip... LOL

Lest showing that he accidentally ate an uncooked meat @@"... It's not me that cooked it, not me. =P

Ah ting, with her hubby -- looking as happy as always ^^

With Hui Shan -- cute gal! Love this pic coz we look so happy =) [photo of Vivian]


So let me introduce a new recipe I created that night ^^ Yup, it's the white stuff you're looking at right now! Wonder what's that? xD

Let's have a closer look then.

Being playful as ever, I grilled meat with ICE-CREAM! ^O^

Disgusting? Yeah friends think so too at first, but after trying it themselves, they kindda like it too =D And after awhile, most of them start grilling their own ice-cream meat.

Yum YUM!! ^^ 

After grilling with ice-cream, the meat tastes the same but adding a sweet touch to it. Try it try it~ Then tell me what you think xD

Crazy about being creative, later that night I poured ice-cream into the soup, thus making ice-cream soup. xD It tasted like milk~ Now, that, my friends didn't seem to appreciate xD

And then I made Laksa, which served for punishment for games xP

At ard 10.30 pm at night, then we left. We were the last table to leave... Our bills were over 200++~~ 

A very fun night, 1 of that I enjoyed very much right before school opens... >< After that, you know the story, misery started.... (I did meet some great new friends tho =D )


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