Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New school. New uniform. New attitude =)

Keryn's officially back to school! =D

New school. New uniform. New attitude.

Bet lots of you are freaked out by the fact that I'm now in Form 6... and not in some private institution~ =P After all the plans, choices & dilemmas, finally I settled down =)

Well, for the past two days, I've been at Batu Lintang school, attending the orientation session before we F6 students formally go to class at Friday.

Earlier today, of all the F6-to-be students, a boy and I were called up in the middle of the ice-breaking session *Embarrassing* They said that we had our cars illegally parked at the yellow box space. *Embarrassing more!* Confused, we both went out and moved our car. But, there were NO YELLOW BOX at the place where we were parking at = ="... But we moved our car anyway zzZ... LOL~~

And my friends and I learned to sing the BL school song~ ^^ The rhythm is quite nice, but the parts where you have to go "a-a-a-a-a-a-a~~~~", it's so hard!

No new friends yet, other than the guy that got called to move his car too -- Jason~ xD But i'll try my best to be friendly & make friends~ =)

Missing my old school, friends and the memories I had there... Laughing along with friends in class -- being the noisy group and all, hanging out with bB during recess.......  I assure that these happiness & joy will be with me forever & ever~ & it will always be an important journey of my life. =')

Okay, enough with the emo-ing~~

Never have I thought of this day, that I would be missing the pretty school compounds of SMK Jalan Arang. [So Arangs, please cherish your time at our PRETTY school while you can! ^.^]

Hope I can build new, wonderful memories during my 1 1/2 yrs time in Batu Lintang~ (Though I might be dropping out half way, or moving to another school... Who knows? xD)

Good luck Keryn! & all my school mates... Looking forward to our new memories together~~ Aja! ^^

So here to shout out to a friend that's leaving for Perak this coming Saturday:

Hey! Surprised? lol.

Good luck in your new school, boy.
Known you since Form 2 and hopes to be your b friend till eternity ^^"~~
Mayb I'm not your most important friend (as you got lots),  but no doubt you are one of mine.

Thanks for coming into my life and bringing so much joy! =)