Monday, May 31, 2010

Vanilla ♥

Will update about how I celebrated my birthday on the 29th of May soon... =D

But now, I want to talk about my birthday present from Mummy this birthday, a new puppy - Vanilla! ♥

Yeah yeah, it's all true... I got a new puppy!! ^^ He came into my life on the 26/5/2010~~

Vanilla is a Maltese. He's not cheap, but compared to a Toy Poodle (original wanted), he's already loads cheaper. Mummy spent this much $$ just to make me happy, I guess she does, really REALLY love me!! =D


Though he still doesn't respond to my 'come' command and is not potty-trained yet xD, we are bonding very well =)

Vanilla's basket! 

Supercute, and I superlove it ♥ It's placed in our living room, so Vanilla can always be a part of our families activities =D Don't want him to, in anyway, fell neglected~

Got Vanilla a water bottle to drink from ^^

Also, the cute pillow and blankets are one of the presents given from Mummy & Sis for him on my Birthday =D

Well yesterday night, Vanilla spent he's first night in my room ♥

He was quiet the whole night but he woke me up at 7am as he made ruffling sounds moving around. And he peed in my room = =

(Dunno why was i thinking of bringing him to my room when I know that he's not potty-trained =P)

Just earlier this evening, Vanilla went to the Hui Sing Park for the first time =D

He was afraid of the unfamiliar surrounding and so, he didn't walked around much. Most of the 45 minutes there he just sat on the grass and chew on it~ Then I carried him and walked around the park~ =)

Apart from being indoors all day, Vanilla finally get a chance to sweat a little... *Hopes he wont become obese*

Vanilla's chewing bone =)

Treats bought for Vanilla~ ^^

Wanted to buy only one, but it all looked so tasty so I bought three xD Just gave Vanilla a piece of the Strawberry-flavored snack today, and he loved it!

Vanilla and his playmate x)~~ 

He's so cute but Mummy hates the brown patch below both of his eyes. They are tears stains, and I dunno how to clean them... Mummy says that he looked dirty with them =(

Then one of my cousin said that he should be called "Vanilla with chocolate syrup"...

Get it? LOL *Ki si wa* ><...

Already started on potty-training and teaching him not to bite... All I can say is, it's really hard >

Sometimes I lose my cool, but i've learnt to keep my voice down~ I will try my best to, because I wanna be a reliable master to him. =D

Will update about how I celebrated my birthday on the 29th of May soon... =D 

Stay tuned~


Jasz ♥ said...

keryn, wad we did for handsome to potty-train him is just open the door, and ask him:" handsome, go out shh shh~" then when he goes out, i will do the "shhhhh~" sound >< haha. then he starts to pee. haha. till now he is well-trained and will pee outside dy :D hope its useful for vanilla ^^v

keryn♥ said...

lol my house have loads of steps... very difficult for a small dog to go in and out ><" but thanks a lot for the tips! ^-^~~

XianFang - 三个孩子的妈 said...

"Vanilla with chocolate syrup"...hahaha...