Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Birthday III

LOL seems like my birthday was a never-ending day xD

But as promised, here's the post of all my presents =)

Present from Mummy, Vanilla ♥

And sis's present of doggy blankets, pillow, greenies & chew bone =D

Mummy hate dogs but yet she sacrificed and got me this puppy~ She then slowly fell in love with Vanilla herself ^^

bB's gift, a musicbox with Swarovski crystal.

[Tune: For Elise] =)

The story behind his reason of getting the music box is quite unique, but it's very sweet of him to remember

Young Hearts' lingerie from Ivelyn, Jiafen, Hui shan & Lulu ^^

Ivelyn knew I love Pierre cardin lingerie... & I told her before that Young Hearts is my second choice~ Can't believe she'd remember *touched*

Present from cousin Qi - Book full with pictures of my hubby Lee Min Ho

OMG this is so cool! Heard that Qi spent loads of money and time on this exclusive gift~ So sweet... Love it so much!

Cute piggy handkerchief & crystals set from cousin Jenjen~ 

According to her, the gifts are imported form Peni' M'sia~ *Blink blink* Thank you! ^^

Pretty necklace from cousin Lydia =)

Cutest memo pad eva from cousin YM~ ^^

Elegant necklace with pink crystal, from Wai~ 

It goes with most of my outfits and it's my fav necklace for this moment ^^

A special K-shaped cookie from Chris~ I love it =)

Romantic lacy top from Chelle & East ♥


Combo of little cute things from Evonne, Nson and Kuang ^^ Wanted a nail file for awhile now, so these gifts are perfect for me! Thanks!

Cute plushie & notebook from Yeen sis ^^

Last but not least, Ang paos from adults ^^

Namely aunt Grace, aunt Dorris, aunt Bee Hong, bB's mummy, Uncle Foo & Hui gogo~

Group pic ^^

Now, flashback to the day of my birthday: 

When i was getting ready to open my present upon request...

No one paid attention to me!! And there I was, arranging my presents all alone...

Ignored by everyone... Tears flowing down my cheeks.... TT

*LOL exaggarated!*

But yet, know what the others were busy doing?

Attending to Vanilla... LOL sobs~

Well, that's finally all~ 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my 2010 birthday! Muackkss! ^^

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Birthday II

Finally! Time to update on the part ii of my birthday =P 

Well, after the whole day @ The Spring, bB's bro drove us home to his house...

It was almost six. I wanted to go home, but he won't allow it! >< Confused, annoyed, I sat in the living room of his house and watched TV~

Then bB's mum finished cooking. She asked me to eat but I said that I would be having dinner with my family~ Then I basically forced bB to have his dinner. Lol.

6.30++ pm, I kept asking why he doesn't want to let me go home. I was really getting worried... I was afraid that mum would get angry for me being at his place so long @@... 

Then Mum called, she asked me to go buy Thai sauce before going back home...

7pm, finally we were going home. On the drive home, things were running through my mind and pieces of the puzzle was fixed together one by one.

And when I arrived at my house, the whole house was dark... (and even when we were out, my house was never dark xD) *more suspicion* Heehee...

With some mental-preparation, I entered the house. Then friends jumped out from sofas and room divider, and sang Happy Birthday!

A surprise party for me! ^^

Have the feeling of this happening, but still, I cried on the spot. And what made me cried harder was because I didn't expect to see my friends here especially Jia Fen, coz I missed her too much =')

No doubt, I felt really loved ... =)

[And now that I realized I spent rm2.70 on the Thai sauce for nothing... xD~ That's just a plot to help them at home buy more time to prepare ><"]

Plus, no doubt they put loads of thought into this~ Their shoes were hid in the shoe closet, and friends' cars were parked very far away from my house so that I won't figured it out =D

A closer look at my cake that Mummy made for me~ Cutest cake eva!!! ^^

Look at the decoration they set up for me~~ Cutest deco eva!! ^O^

Been told that the balloons were blown up one by one by friends and siblings... *gan dong TT*

The meal for the night, a pot-luck feast by everyone =D Best feast eva!!! *siao = =*

...which bB was unable to fully enjoy, because I forced him to eat dinner at his house awhile ago lol... *really guilty~*

After dinner, we then played games~

And of course, I opened all my presents with total happiness~ =D [Thanks to YM sis for the pics^^]

Contents of my presents? Hmmn... Dun wanna share! =P

No larh~~~ I'll share =)

...but in the next post! Maybe! ^O^

Thank you Mummy! Asking me whether or not I wanted a birthday party with friends, knowing that I said no but still gave me this surprise...

 Lied to me, wanted me to help out with the cream tarts & pudding for your "customer" which were all desserts for my party... xD~ Love you!

Ivelyn, I know you planned all this! ^^ 

How could you go to school and see my face every single day without even giving me a single hint of this party? You are so sly! xP

Thank you sooooo much... Love you too! =D

Thanks bB, for accompanying me the whole day that day... You did a great job pleasing your baby~ #^^#

I know I'm not the best girlfriend, but you never stop trying to be a better boyfriend... =) Love you loads!

And thank you, thank you! To all my friends and family that came and celebrated my birthday with me~ I know some of you came to my house at 3pm and start preparing @@... Really, I appreciate it so much!

Love you all! ^^

Last but not least... Thanks to all my friends that send me Bday wishes via my Facebook... ^^ Although I don't know some of you, but thank you! You really made my day =D

Whee~ I love my life!! ^^

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My birthday I

29/5 was my birthday~ I enjoyed my day very very much! =)

That morning, we went to The Spring and attended Show Luo's mini con! ^^ Yup, bB got tickets in the end by buying a new number from Digi~ @@"

Totally unnecessary, but thank you dar, glad you did! =D

Having the pass, I am allowed to enter Zone C~ And this was my view of the stage =)

Ugly picture in the middle of all the chaos xD

We were sweating a lot, and people kept on pushing ><... bB kept going on and on saying that he regret getting the passes, coz he rather see the concert from the 2nd and 3rd floor = ="...

...that looked something like this~ (which i don't think would be any better? lol)

Around 10++ am something, Show showed up~ Undeniable, he's very handsome =)

And now, readers, some shots of Show for those who didn't get to see him in person =D

He only sang one song, that was "爱疯头"~ And we left straight away after the song xD... No CD's needed to be signed, sorry =P~~

Took a last shot before we left the venue... Look at the backdrop of the stage @@" LOL! Heads and cameras were popping out of the holes, it was a very amusing scene ^^"~

And I know one of the culprits that took part in this sabotaging activity xP Buahahaha~~

After lunching at SCR with bB, we met up with my cousins Lydia and May at Secret Recipe~ & Lydia treated me to cake =)

My Oreo Cheese... Yum! ^^

We sat there and chatted for over an hour... bB sat there with nothing to do, listening to our girly topics and boy issues... xD I bet he felt like an idiot then =P

He was soooo patient that day, mayb because he wanted me to have a happy birthday~ =)

Group pics with my pretty Sistas~ =D

3pm, bB and I went to watch "The Prince of Persia- Sands of Time".

It was such a great movie! ^^ And how cool it would be if we watched it in 3D... ><

For the rest of my birthday, to be continued! =D