Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Damai Puri trip

There's nothing QUITE interesting happening and so I'll just keep on updating bout random stuffs of my life... Hang in there =)

5/6/2010 On the way to Damai Puri, 2++pm

A big close-up of my face lol! No make-up or lens. (but blemishes were edited xoxo)

Cutie little bro, and slping sis on the left ^^~

Outfit for that day~ Simple solids ensemble with no accessories =) 

And this is my outfit for water-playing time. =) My pink, butterfly-ed swimsuit is two pieced, but with my chubby tummy, I could only wear it with a singlet on top ><... Sad to say that I'm really out of shape now *tears*

The girl in the mirror is one of my cousins we came along with. Loads of lenglui cousins coming up soon! ^^

Well, very thankfully, that day was not very sunny... The whether was cloudy and windy, so we didn't get sunburned even though we played under the sun for a long time =)

See? My lenglui cousins ^^

Then we went to the beach and played in the sand.

First we made a really cool SOMETHING  with interconnecting-tunnels. After it collapsed due to unstable base-work zzZ, we then made a layout of our very own city with rivers and cool arch doors! ^^

A huge crab?!? No, that's just my hand... lol = =!!

Tada!! Our SOMETHING  with interconnecting-tunnels!  xP

And our masterpiece! ^^

It was way harder to build than you think... All the rivers are connected, and here's our two arch doors~ =D =D

Amazing aren't it? *proud* xD

Oh yeah, that reminds me. During that time, a guy came over and asked us about the time... >< Why ask us? Lol coz obviously we don't have watches too... *faints* But we noticed that his friends at a distant were laughing... A dare, zzZ! Childish lah~~~~ xP

That night, we went to a kampung's Seafood stall to eat, treat by aunt Dorris =) If not mistaken, the name of the kampung is "Buntal"? Or something like that ><

And that was the longest meal I had ever had in my life!

We went there at about 8pm~ And the first dish came out at around 9, then we finished the whole course at almost 11++pm... @@" Seriously, no exaggeration.

Why took this long a time to finish a meal? Kindly let me explain =D

Let's just say that the boss there was a VERY interesting old man. And for old man, I mean 70~80 yr old man >< He was there blah blah blah-ing with customers the whole night long, with hands flying all around, adding some action to his stories... Though he never realize that most of his customers were starving almost to death.

Then the adults decided to find out why were the dishes coming out soooo slowly? So Mummy and a few aunts walked up to the kitchen and looked in. It was really surprising to see that  for three tables of 10, only an old lady was in the kitchen alone, cooking.

Mum said that it was heartbreaking to see the 70 yr-old lady in the kitchen, with slow movements, steadily prepared us our dinner.

Credits goes to the old lady! who worked so hard in the kitchen, cooking us all those lovely dishes... while her husband was out here ''socializing" with customers when he should be in there helping his wife..

Conclusion, men don't appreciate what their wives/gfs do for them!! (Out of topic xD, BUT TRUE!)

After dinner, everyone were exhausted already when we went back to the resort ><... Normally this night would be filled with laughter and excitement, munching down sun flower seeds, peanuts and junk food. But now, some were tucking themselves in and some sat on the bed and watched tv. All were too full to have any of the bunk of junk food we bought = =...


Cousin YM and I camwhoring using the webcam when the others finally decided to go for a walk at the beach. More of these pics at my facebook! ^^

Lack of pictures, I'll skip the story for the next day. So in a blink of an eye, it's time to go home! 

The end =)

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