Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ladies day - DY Nail Supplies function ^^

Kxin's outfit - minimum accessories, with and without boots~

This post is all about the first ever event held by the DY Nail Supplies , exclusively for members only, which I attended yesterday. This is what the member card looks like by the way =)

The half-day function provides free nail art, manicure, free eye-lash curling and gel workshop, and also a lucky draw~ I wanted to go to the event only for one reason though -- I want to restock my Swarovski crystals, and they are selling it there at a lower price!

Entrance fee? RM80 But I'm thankful that my cousin brought me there as her guest, so I got free entry. :)

The moment we entered the suite, we went straight away to buy crystals. Lots to choose from.

In less than half an hour, I said "Bye bye!" to Rm50++. Really satisfied though, because items are lots cheaper than when bought in the store.

The lady in charge is crystal-crazy and she showed off some of her lovely creations. =D

LOVE this camera so much!! ^O^ 

The lady spent Rm500 worth of AB crystals just for this camera project. Well, we can thus conclude that she is very rich.

And then a small show is held, showing off Donella and her students art work on nails~ It's like a mini avaunt-garde show. Note that the phoenix on the clothing, it's handmade and crystal by crystal glued on to the outfit.

And I like the 2nd design best! Sweet and girly floral theme =D

Then we did some nail art printing, and learnt the technique of using the tools. The nail printing board you see on the table, it costs a whopping of Rm500 each... "Investment.", quoted the lady.

And next door to the nail printing guru, someone was having her mani.s done.

By the way, this Konad nail printing complete equipment set was on sell that day. Anyone interested? You can get it for Rm1300. =D

My little finger is done with duo-colour print. Ring finger- lace print, Middle finger - sponge print. I don't like the green colour but the lady didn't bring many nail polishes that day.

And for the rest of my 7 fingers, they got manicures. :)

My colourful nails after my mani =D

Camwhored  in the bathroom after tea =D *Forgot to take some pictures of tea*

 Then Lydia got her eye-lashes curled. I didn't get to try this out, because I had my mascara on. ><

The simple equipment used for about 20 minutes... Cute! And the results were satisfactory.

Last thing on the list, we did some 3D nail art. :)

Lydia's pink Leopard print-based nail art... Love it lots!

My multi-coloured 3D nail art... I love it! But I love Lydia's more.

Last pic before taking off back home... Enjoyed this lady outing very much. ^^


Jasz ♥ said...

wow u went! envy >< i din go bcoz of the entrance fee :(

kxin♥ said...

next time I tell my cousin to bring you too ya~ =D But as guest, cannot participate in the Lucky draw that gave great prizes lor ='(