Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lunch @ Jojo Seafood

28/9 Lunched with Daddy @ Jojo Seafood. =D

Fried 'mee sua', Butter prawns, Toufu, and Midin~

Love the toufu~ ^^ 

If you come eat here, the waitress will recommend you the special. It's chicken, made into marsh, then fried. It feels like you're eating fish cakes but it's not as tasty as fish cakes >< In short, it just tastes weird!

And it charges rm20! More expensive than anything else we ordered... >< Rm20 for a few pieces of nasty meat, recommended by the waitress themselves @@!!

And the whole bill -- rm70++ = = LOL.

31/5 Lunched with Mummy @ a store near Upwell, Jalan Song. 

Curry lamb, fried pork, broccoli & prawnballs~ =D 

Well I liked the food here... and it's not expensive~ The surrounding is fairly clean too ^^

Recommend, if you are looking for a simple place for a meal with family =D

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