Thursday, June 3, 2010

My birthday I

29/5 was my birthday~ I enjoyed my day very very much! =)

That morning, we went to The Spring and attended Show Luo's mini con! ^^ Yup, bB got tickets in the end by buying a new number from Digi~ @@"

Totally unnecessary, but thank you dar, glad you did! =D

Having the pass, I am allowed to enter Zone C~ And this was my view of the stage =)

Ugly picture in the middle of all the chaos xD

We were sweating a lot, and people kept on pushing ><... bB kept going on and on saying that he regret getting the passes, coz he rather see the concert from the 2nd and 3rd floor = ="...

...that looked something like this~ (which i don't think would be any better? lol)

Around 10++ am something, Show showed up~ Undeniable, he's very handsome =)

And now, readers, some shots of Show for those who didn't get to see him in person =D

He only sang one song, that was "爱疯头"~ And we left straight away after the song xD... No CD's needed to be signed, sorry =P~~

Took a last shot before we left the venue... Look at the backdrop of the stage @@" LOL! Heads and cameras were popping out of the holes, it was a very amusing scene ^^"~

And I know one of the culprits that took part in this sabotaging activity xP Buahahaha~~

After lunching at SCR with bB, we met up with my cousins Lydia and May at Secret Recipe~ & Lydia treated me to cake =)

My Oreo Cheese... Yum! ^^

We sat there and chatted for over an hour... bB sat there with nothing to do, listening to our girly topics and boy issues... xD I bet he felt like an idiot then =P

He was soooo patient that day, mayb because he wanted me to have a happy birthday~ =)

Group pics with my pretty Sistas~ =D

3pm, bB and I went to watch "The Prince of Persia- Sands of Time".

It was such a great movie! ^^ And how cool it would be if we watched it in 3D... ><

For the rest of my birthday, to be continued! =D

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