Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Birthday III

LOL seems like my birthday was a never-ending day xD

But as promised, here's the post of all my presents =)

Present from Mummy, Vanilla ♥

And sis's present of doggy blankets, pillow, greenies & chew bone =D

Mummy hate dogs but yet she sacrificed and got me this puppy~ She then slowly fell in love with Vanilla herself ^^

bB's gift, a musicbox with Swarovski crystal.

[Tune: For Elise] =)

The story behind his reason of getting the music box is quite unique, but it's very sweet of him to remember

Young Hearts' lingerie from Ivelyn, Jiafen, Hui shan & Lulu ^^

Ivelyn knew I love Pierre cardin lingerie... & I told her before that Young Hearts is my second choice~ Can't believe she'd remember *touched*

Present from cousin Qi - Book full with pictures of my hubby Lee Min Ho

OMG this is so cool! Heard that Qi spent loads of money and time on this exclusive gift~ So sweet... Love it so much!

Cute piggy handkerchief & crystals set from cousin Jenjen~ 

According to her, the gifts are imported form Peni' M'sia~ *Blink blink* Thank you! ^^

Pretty necklace from cousin Lydia =)

Cutest memo pad eva from cousin YM~ ^^

Elegant necklace with pink crystal, from Wai~ 

It goes with most of my outfits and it's my fav necklace for this moment ^^

A special K-shaped cookie from Chris~ I love it =)

Romantic lacy top from Chelle & East ♥


Combo of little cute things from Evonne, Nson and Kuang ^^ Wanted a nail file for awhile now, so these gifts are perfect for me! Thanks!

Cute plushie & notebook from Yeen sis ^^

Last but not least, Ang paos from adults ^^

Namely aunt Grace, aunt Dorris, aunt Bee Hong, bB's mummy, Uncle Foo & Hui gogo~

Group pic ^^

Now, flashback to the day of my birthday: 

When i was getting ready to open my present upon request...

No one paid attention to me!! And there I was, arranging my presents all alone...

Ignored by everyone... Tears flowing down my cheeks.... TT

*LOL exaggarated!*

But yet, know what the others were busy doing?

Attending to Vanilla... LOL sobs~

Well, that's finally all~ 

Hope you enjoyed reading about my 2010 birthday! Muackkss! ^^

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