Saturday, July 31, 2010

Red Cresent flag sale

Red Crescent flag sale 28/7~ 8/8 :)

Today was my group's first outing for donation collecting. We went to Sarawak Plaza and from there we went to riverside. (Said we were going to Hopo but a sudden change of plans) Was super duper emo at first, (due to something something) but as usual, friends somehow cheered me up a lil. 

Us walking under the hot sun TT... Didn't use sunscreen because I thought that we were only going to stand at the front doors of the malls. Although not obvious, but I bet i'm now 2 tones darker than ever ><

We were lucky, cuz a Dragon Boat race was held today. So, the riverside was crowded with people and we got  most of our donations there :D

Due to my KNS phone cam of only 2.0 megap, this was the best photo I could get from the competiton >< lol.

Then Ive and I, we had My Spring Potato for lunch. Never tried them and didn't plan to, but made a deal with the hawker that he'd donate if we'd buy them lol.  And it turned out to be pretty tasty :) On the stick it was a whole potato, for only RM3~

Nice stuff. Promotes! ^^

While the others, they had KFC. Mosaic-ed their faces upon their request lol. Were supposed to be staying till 4pm something, but we headed back at around 2! LOL more. ><

Dropped Ive, Lian and Thin at MBO before heading home. Too tired to join them for SALT. And the next donation collecting will be on next Saturday, venue to be verified soon.

Please give generously :)

Generally people were very kind, especially people that's with families. So happy to have seen the good side of people, it really warms the heart ^^ And I used to think that foreigners are more generous then our people, proved me wrong today!

With all the love

P.S. going to MBO later with cousies for SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. Hope it can cheer me up somehow.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Had a long waited dance performance last Saturday. Soulless (our dance group) did the performance for charity as it was a fund-raising event =)

During practice at Sarawak Club's studio =)


And we made our outfit from a plain red shirt... Nice huh? ^^ *claps for myself* lol.

Well, had lotsa fun and I think we did great that night. Though I got bad comments from somebody. >< (Sometimes I really wonder why can't I be good at something? Sadness...)

All and all, I love dancing, and I love performing. So, I won't stop doing what I like no matter what. What I love to say to people is to just FOLLOW YOUR HEART :)

With all the love

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweetest July

Thank you Nigel for this picture... Like it! ♥

Well, recently I have a hectic schedule as I have a movie to shoot~ LOL shocked? Don't be :) The presumed 30min-long movie is named "Sweetest July", directed by Anthony Tham. :D

But for the record I never acted before in my life, and I don't know which nerve of mine made me accept the role for this short movie. Not to mention that I am playing the main character haha. ><" Luckily the director and the crew members are all very friendly~ So I don't feel too awkward doing this, even if it's my first time... =D

It was my second day of shoot. Had a scene where Charles, played by Nigel chased after Annasophia, played by yours truly, along side traffic.

Rehearsing lines with the hot male lead (LOL and hot was commented by aunts and cousins) ;)

And this was yesterday, my third day shooting. Under the umbrella was Annasophia's ex-fiance, Aaron (played by Avery) and his new babe, Sam (played by Ivana)

Look at the pretty new girlfriend! No wonder Aaron dumped Anna~ TT lol.

It was supposed to be a sad scene, but Avery kept goofing around and I kept on laughing when I looked at his face haha. My most sincere apologies to the director .xD

First few scenes of the movie were Anna arriving in Kuching at the airport. (Keryn on 31/5/2013: The hell was I wearing?)

That night, semi-formally dressed, Anna had a confrontation scene with Aaron, shot at the Sarawak Club. The crew had dinner there and we shoot until after everyone had left.

O.S. "I don't want water lah! Wine please!" :P

This was one point when the director went crazy saying : "Avery! Stop looking into the camera!" LOL

Undeniably, guys are of their cutest when they joke around and have fun =) All in all, though tiring, it was really a fun night ^^

Personally I love this picture so so much :)

We had a shoot at Santubong for a dating scene between Anna and Charles. It was a memorable shoot i must say. :) The weather looked so nice in the picture right? But in reality it was raining suppa heavily that evening >< We practically shot the whole romantic scene in the heavy rain but the outcome was nice I wonder how they did it. :)

Some behind the scenes shots. :)

Had such an awesome time shooting. And I'm so glad to know the guys they are all awesome beyond words x) The memory will be cherished forever! :) 

So the end product can be searched on my Facebook or Youtube. But note, I am really bad in acting! First timer, give me some credit k. Teehee.

XOXO Signing off. :)

With all the love,

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The many Birthday events of June =D

Agreed with one of my friends saying that June was always the month where there would always be a big hole in our pockets… xD 

4th June, Granddaddy’s birthday~ He is a great man, blessed with a big family with lots of children and grandchildren =D 



2/3 family portrait of my Mummy’s side of the family…lol = =" Yeap, I have a huge family with loads of cousins, aunts and uncles -- which is also loads of fun if compared to having a small family =D

8th June, Esther’s birthday @ Richmond’s place =D She wanted to celebrate at Living Room, but it was closed that night... No present for Esther, sorry, coz the invitation was too sudden~ *Blushes. A little late, but Ying, here you are in my blog~ ^^


Funny Adrian posing for the camera ><”...

Next on the list, 13th June - bB friend, Hua’s birthday @ a restaurant around King Centre~ Gave him a DVD player, a shared gift with bB and a few of his friends =) 

Not surprised, they are really heavy drinkers @@" And for the very first time I witnessed it. bB, however, said they only drink depending on occasion. 


14th June, Aunt Grace’s birthday, celebrated at my house. =D Mummy made the cake above ^^ We celebrated also, Mom’s birthday on the 15th~ ^^

The special cake made for Mum was rather surprising to everyone lol. Pardon me to say, but that was the ugliest/most-disgusting-looking cake that I have ever seen in my life! lol... ><" It still taste good though. So, credits to my akim who made it~ =D

Crazy cake, from a crazy family x)

The present gave to Mummy. She said she love it so I’m really glad ^^ (Because I was the one who thought of the gift~) It’s clay dolls, which sis and I painted ourselves at The Spring~

[Flashback] Here’s the original blank dollies ^^  

And this was us while painting them =D A few children sat on our right, painting Hello Kitty frames lol. 

But thanks to the girls on my left, who were there painting one for her boyfriend *Ehem ehem* (did not eavesdropped, it’s just that she talked too loud lol), I felt less awkward~ =D

And the most recent birthday event, cousin YM’s surprise party on the 30th =D

She cried on the spot when we started singing Happy Birthday, and then I cried too~ Coz I rmb the feeling of getting a surprise party... very touched~~ (For my post on my bday party, click here =D)

Cheese cake, made by Mum =3~~

& my present for her =D =D~~

So, was your June filled with as many birthday events as mine? Or even more? =D

With all the love