Saturday, July 3, 2010

The many Birthday events of June =D

Agreed with one of my friends saying that June was always the month where there would always be a big hole in our pockets… xD 

4th June, Granddaddy’s birthday~ He is a great man, blessed with a big family with lots of children and grandchildren =D 



2/3 family portrait of my Mummy’s side of the family…lol = =" Yeap, I have a huge family with loads of cousins, aunts and uncles -- which is also loads of fun if compared to having a small family =D

8th June, Esther’s birthday @ Richmond’s place =D She wanted to celebrate at Living Room, but it was closed that night... No present for Esther, sorry, coz the invitation was too sudden~ *Blushes. A little late, but Ying, here you are in my blog~ ^^


Funny Adrian posing for the camera ><”...

Next on the list, 13th June - bB friend, Hua’s birthday @ a restaurant around King Centre~ Gave him a DVD player, a shared gift with bB and a few of his friends =) 

Not surprised, they are really heavy drinkers @@" And for the very first time I witnessed it. bB, however, said they only drink depending on occasion. 


14th June, Aunt Grace’s birthday, celebrated at my house. =D Mummy made the cake above ^^ We celebrated also, Mom’s birthday on the 15th~ ^^

The special cake made for Mum was rather surprising to everyone lol. Pardon me to say, but that was the ugliest/most-disgusting-looking cake that I have ever seen in my life! lol... ><" It still taste good though. So, credits to my akim who made it~ =D

Crazy cake, from a crazy family x)

The present gave to Mummy. She said she love it so I’m really glad ^^ (Because I was the one who thought of the gift~) It’s clay dolls, which sis and I painted ourselves at The Spring~

[Flashback] Here’s the original blank dollies ^^  

And this was us while painting them =D A few children sat on our right, painting Hello Kitty frames lol. 

But thanks to the girls on my left, who were there painting one for her boyfriend *Ehem ehem* (did not eavesdropped, it’s just that she talked too loud lol), I felt less awkward~ =D

And the most recent birthday event, cousin YM’s surprise party on the 30th =D

She cried on the spot when we started singing Happy Birthday, and then I cried too~ Coz I rmb the feeling of getting a surprise party... very touched~~ (For my post on my bday party, click here =D)

Cheese cake, made by Mum =3~~

& my present for her =D =D~~

So, was your June filled with as many birthday events as mine? Or even more? =D

With all the love

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