Saturday, July 31, 2010

Red Cresent flag sale

Red Crescent flag sale 28/7~ 8/8 :)

Today was my group's first outing for donation collecting. We went to Sarawak Plaza and from there we went to riverside. (Said we were going to Hopo but a sudden change of plans) Was super duper emo at first, (due to something something) but as usual, friends somehow cheered me up a lil. 

Us walking under the hot sun TT... Didn't use sunscreen because I thought that we were only going to stand at the front doors of the malls. Although not obvious, but I bet i'm now 2 tones darker than ever ><

We were lucky, cuz a Dragon Boat race was held today. So, the riverside was crowded with people and we got  most of our donations there :D

Due to my KNS phone cam of only 2.0 megap, this was the best photo I could get from the competiton >< lol.

Then Ive and I, we had My Spring Potato for lunch. Never tried them and didn't plan to, but made a deal with the hawker that he'd donate if we'd buy them lol.  And it turned out to be pretty tasty :) On the stick it was a whole potato, for only RM3~

Nice stuff. Promotes! ^^

While the others, they had KFC. Mosaic-ed their faces upon their request lol. Were supposed to be staying till 4pm something, but we headed back at around 2! LOL more. ><

Dropped Ive, Lian and Thin at MBO before heading home. Too tired to join them for SALT. And the next donation collecting will be on next Saturday, venue to be verified soon.

Please give generously :)

Generally people were very kind, especially people that's with families. So happy to have seen the good side of people, it really warms the heart ^^ And I used to think that foreigners are more generous then our people, proved me wrong today!

With all the love

P.S. going to MBO later with cousies for SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. Hope it can cheer me up somehow.

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