Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kuching Fest - SO WET!

Went to Kuching Fest with cuzzies yesterday night ^^ Met loads of friends, and saw loads of cute gals ;) I thought that Arang students would be dominating the night though. Oh well.

The dinosaur at the mini children theme park. ^^

Just in case you haven't noticed, my hair is cut short again~! 2 inches gone. LOVE the light and airy feel of short hair :D Have this crazy idea that i'm never to have long hair again. x|

It was pouring heavily yesterday night, and people were running around with umbrellas.

My hair was a mess and the boots were totally soaked. >< Quite annoying really. But yeah, would be a great dating opportunity for couples sharing an umbrella to cuddle each other. LOL For us "singles", Umbrella War!! At times, you'll have umbrellas hit you in the face or sweeping across your hair if you don't be careful = =

With my cutie cuzzie Han :)

Will have loads of blurred pic in this post, took in the midst of chaos. >< And no picture of the food we ate. Cuz it's always the same food such as Taiwan sausages, fried ice cream and stuff. = =

Lil sis and Leon got their temporary tattoos. I thought that it was totally unnecessary though! What a waste of money! (LOL nah i was half the reason why Leon got his, and I picked his tattoo ;P)

"Ugh, painful...." xP

Lil sis got a butterfly and Leon got a rose. LOL super manly right. Tee hee.

Giving our legs a rest after the long walk around the place. The butts' all wet from the wet chairs. I didn't sit and I was not sheltered, for I was only busy taking pictures ><

There was this stall that lets customers bet canned drinks for more canned drinks. Confused? xD Exposed to this game for the very first time, and was utterly fascinated lol! Bet rm5 for 5 cans, got nothing in return >< Totally recommend it though! Was tons of fun :D

OMG look so bad with the chaotic hair after a whole night of running in the rain x(

Last stop for the night - Playground, as usual xP Camwhored, and played tag again lol. And that's why I like hanging out with my cuzzies. They are always up for something fun & crazy ^^

Look! It's a fish! = =...

Yesterday night's performance, anyone saw it? Honestly, it was scary enough to give one nightmares @@". lol no offence. Performers were wearing colourful, clown-like wigs and out-of-this-world outfits, each solo danced to the songs Gee, Just Dance etc >< OMG So scary!! I salute the performers for their courage. 

And once at the playground, I think i've heard a few guys shouting my name. Maybe they know me from Facebook, I don't know. But they said 'Keryn Pue' with a weird pronunciation so I'm not sure were they referring to me >< Can't imagine what'd they think of me after seeing me running like crazy around the playground lol. Oh well. 

With all the love

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