Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wonderful Night :)

Had a great night with cuzzies at The Spring :) Should be at the Kuching Fest, but we chose to go to The Spring. Specifically Bev, Leon, Lydia & Qi. Rushed along with this update, because I don't wanna leave it till the next weekend >< Dinner, supper, tag, movie. Tons of fun and laughter was what I really needed. Pictures were taken and of course, I don't mind sharing them. ^^

Dinnered at the food court. LOL R.I.P. tasty chicken! I'm really sorry for your painful death, but it was not my doing. xD Had drinks from the juice bar for the very first time. It was alright, but to me, a lil expensive. Rather have Bubble milk tea with pearls as usual xP

Then we continued eating @ The Chicken Rice Shop. Had 'po piah' which was recommended by cuzzie Qi~ We laughed so loud until the waiters and the people sitting beside us thought that we were crazy. Get the picture? lol.

And according to cuzzie Qi, apparently wearing your headphones like this would make you look cooler. lol.*Annoyed emotion*

Before our movie started at 10.45pm, we played tag outside MBO. Was running like crazy! Whee felt like a kid again :D Totally crazy. Then we went to sit and talk + camwhore at Gasoline (Or it is called Gas Online? I don't know), without even ordering anything. Lol so embarrassing ><

Owh by the way, introducing my cuzzie Leon from UK. A great lot to be with!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1. The plot was so great I can't wait to watch it in film. Really looking forward to this, so badly! A Harry Potter freak I am. :) Chu~ ♥

Shanghai - seems like a great movie from it's trailer :) But I don't think I'll be watching it, cuz its not my typical type of movie. Will watch it, only if I have the DVD and somehow suddenly I have tons of extra free time xP

More pics in Facebook album soon ^^

Acting all cool, promoting MBO's fabulous entrance hall xD

Sorcerer's Apprentice. ^^ Eeeekk just noticed that the poster I used is in French lol.

Time for the movie review! Alright to start it off, I honestly think that this movie somehow, in whichever way was more or less inspired by Harry Potter. >< But of course, it's only my opinion :) Love the comedic part rather than the action part. Rates it 6/10.

Overall the movie was great, but I was like, totally dozing off. And no exaggeration, apparantly  I slept through out the whole of the climax part lol! When I woke up, Baltamar was already revived from death and kissing his lover Veronica. It's totally cliche, when the characters revive from the dead >< But what else there is to do? LOL.

Add-ons, watched Inception with Bev last Saturday. It was a great movie! The story's totally original and the plot is so so so cool. A plus, Leonardo Decarprio was so hot lol. And I love the ending that left the audiences with full of suspense. Rate it 9/10. :)

With all the love

P.S. It's now 3.48am. I'm losing all control and I need you now. :(


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Aww....cheer up :-)

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thanks :)