Thursday, September 9, 2010

About this 2-week holiday of mine

Sorry for the slow updates lately you guys. My line connection wasn't at it's best few days ago and just as soon as it's fixed I 'm totally hooked on Facebook. But I'll blog more now onwards. :)

Had loads of eating-out this holidays, particularly with the family. :) Mummy brought us to Shan City the other day and recommended the Curry Mee. And I had Ginger Pork rice with Teh C. Love Teh C. :D

And of course not forgetting the cute lil sista. :)

Us Form-6s have our Biology project coming up to work on. We were to catch insects and collect plants samples, 25 each. So friends and I went into the greens to look for some :D

Well I enjoyed the 30++ minute walk so very much. :D Have simply a love for nature and adventure. Got bitten by a red ant by the way. Expected an ant bite to be less painful than it really was though ><

Not gonna show the outfit cuz it was totally wrong + unstylish to the max. I dressed like I just got up from sleep (but no, my pjs are all cute lol!) or came back from fishing out at sea or something. ><

And only my bestie Ivelyn have the ability to walk on muddy grounds and catch bugs dressing so nicely lol!



Thanks Tommy! For sponsoring your backyard to us, led us the way around the woods and helping me catch that gorgeous black dragonfly :)

Look here! This grasshopper right here, I caught it all on my own. ^^ It has white spots at the end of its antenna which is cute. Love it! :D :D But too bad sooner or later I'll have to kill it ><

To MBO for another movie day :D Watched Phua Chu Kang the movie. Initially wanted to watch Step Up 3 but it was full. So it was either this or the Old Cow movie. ><

Rate this comical movie 6/10. Laughed loads during. :) But could see myself enjoying it more if I did follow the series before that. The sound system in the cinema was so bad today wth! Should've made a complaint ><

Photo taking after movie. Am so lucky to have known new friends that that I love at the same time treat me so nicely. :) And went to Pizza Hut afterward for dinner with 3 of them. Loads of gossiping went on lol! Had such a great time :D

Watched Vampire Suck with Daddy and sis the other day. Rate 7/10. Gosh I just love watching funny films. Pile of trashy jokes but yeah, had fun and lots of laughs ^^

Am such a movie junkie, just can't deny that x) Gonna watch Resident Evil 3D and Step Up 3D soon! Lol. ><

Webcam album updated.  Not many pics added by the way, but what the heck :)

Wanna take this chance to bid appreciation to a person that has recently came into my life, and for now plays an increasingly important role of it. This person has accompanied me through numerous nights, made me smile uncountable times and provided warmth to me when I needed it. :) And because of this person only that I've started on my holiday work lol. Just here to sincerely say kamsa hamnida! ^^ xoxo

With all the love

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hi,this is tommy...u r welcome^^we spent a great time with u oso...