Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Continuing my 2 weeks holidays

So this past Raya I only visited once, which was to Daddy's friend's house. Great house, great hospitality, great food :) Gosh I ate too much that noon. ><

The gorgeous dining room which I love. Love the colour scheme which gave a homey feeling :)

 Bamboo steamed rice and peanut sauce :)

 No other word to describe the curry other than awesome! :D

I fell in love with this lovely wooden mirror piece the very moment I lay my eyes it. It's so classy and elegant.Wouldn't mind having this in my room! :D

 With the sista :)

 With the beloved Daddy :)

Had 2 other movie outings and an afternoon spent at Kbox with friends. We watched a 1030pm Step Up 3 and 430pm Resident Evil: Afterlife. LOL lately The Spring has became my second home i guess ><


Step Up 3 was awesome! Rate it 9/10 and the deducted mark is for the lack of females dancing. Teehee. 

Well my favourite scene was the water scene during World Jam round 2. ^^ And  I absolutely love the popping dance in the movie! Never tried this style of dancing but I would love to learn :)

Oh gosh how amazing would it be to have watched it in 3D! Too bad the 3D version is not available here though. But I'm sure that this movie can move and inspire all passionate dancers like how it inspired me :D


Resident Evil: Afterlife. Rate 7/10. 

Watched this because a friend of mine is a great fan of the series and he wanted to watch this since 3 months ago lol. He sat with me in the cinema and there was one scary scene which took us by surprise, it made me scream, but it made him scream out like a girl LOL!

Hahaha sorry dear friend, it was too entertaining I can't help it! xP


Well it's a amazing how different angles can make the shape of the face look soooo different! lol ><

One of my besties, Lest, he's back for the Raya holidays. Am so happy to see him again :) Still the cute, funny guy you were before. Don't ever change! :D


Mcflurry with besties Ive and East the other day. :)

East just came back from S' Msia for the holidays too. Had so much fun catching up. He showed off the new RM 900+ 12 Mega-pix camera with two screens and smile detection function, but in the end we didn't even take a photo using it lol! xP

East drove us and accompanied us girls to shop for shoes ever so patiently lol. How great is he huh? :D

Nson, Ying2, Justin, Michelle, Swee Sen, Carmen, Wulala Teo. Its great seeing you guys again! ^^ & Thanks to Warren for the drive. Yeen sis, I had a great time at dinner with you and East the other night. :D

Came across this gorgeous military overcoat at Boulevard yesterday and couldn't help myself not to take a pic. :) And there was also this cute, more lady-like button-down coat which was in turquoise. Both were so comfy and warm and yet they only costs RM 100+ each. Didn't buy it, but great deal really.


And we found this adorable maniqueen up and alive walking around the mall LOL!

All in all this holiday has been amazingly great so far ♥

P.S. I wanna be with you

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