Sunday, September 26, 2010

A date with the bestie + My Mid autumn

Yesterday I went to the Swinburne 10th Anni Carnival to see a particular person. But when i reach there at 2.30+ pm the place was already empty. >< So we spontaneously went to The Spring after that.

So you guys know Ive? She's single :)

Well looking ugly is the main point of making ugly faces right. Atleast that what I think. But Ive feels otherwise, so i had to blur her face upon request lol.

 Prime parking spot man! LOL. Never parked so close to the door before. So so lucky :D

Cheers! So we had fattening crepes and extra-fattening rich chocolate drinks. Oh my.

As we only had rm30 with us that day, so no movies, no Kbox and no shopping xD!! We had a long, long priceless chat at the food court, then balik liao. Lol.

Last Tuesday was the Mid Autumn festival. But it was a school night and I had homework so. Wasn't out celebrating. :(

Ugly handwriting I know. >< But that's not the case! I just can't get Math these days. Simple ones I can solve, but if they twist the question around even a little, I'd get stuck. :(

Maybe it's because I don't have tuition. Or maybe it's the teacher's problem? lol Yeah, I should probably just blame it on the teacher. ><

Sent sis to Granma's place, stayed for 10 minutes then went straight home.

So basically it was a dull festival until something magical happened. Lol I don't know how to put it in words and it was nothing big. But I was blushing like what and my heart was beating 100 times a second. Felt nothing like it since a long time ago. The 2 short minutes made all the waiting worth while. Gosh gosh gosh. :)

With all the love,

Random sharing. Favorite songs for the moment: Say it again - Marie Digby, Somewhere over the rainbow - Eva Cassidy, and If it's love - Train :) :)


Ivan said...

lol, blame it to the teacher~ >.<

kxin♥ said...

xD Smart huh.