Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eat + Song sharing :)

 Okay song first :D

[Oasis - B2ST]

This is for the broken-hearts. :)

A sweet song, my fav music genre! Listening to this song can warm up the inside, even with the absence of English translation :) Recommends recommends. B2ST is awesome btw!

Don't stop believing, and soon you'll find your oasis :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Had dinner at somewhere near Tabuan Jaya just earlier >< "Eating again", you say? Oh well. :)

Not gonna state the specific location because I'm not recommending. x) The 1/2 kg clam we ordered, basically had no flesh in it. And the teh C peng special of mine, me no likes!

One of the clams - See? Tiny flesh! lol. Shud sue them for fraud lah ><

Hot Plate mee was not bad though :) Ate loads.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Happy Halloween readers! XOXO
Hope you have a great Halloween party to attend to, unlike the boring me. Lol.

With all the love

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Out and about

Another typical trip to The Spring, with Mum and sista :)  

Smile :)

Without smile :|

Am a skirts person, close friends and family would knw :) even tho I don't have great legs >< Teehee.

Anyway, Mummy was in a good mood today. So yeah, Body Glove :)

Then we chilled out at Food Bazaar a little while enjoying some igloo ice. :)

Left: Milky snow Chocolate Jam
Right: Guava ice Red Bean :)

First time trying the Red Bean & the guava-flavored ice. I like the Red Bean but, wrong choice with the ice. Well, just my opinion :)

 With Mum ^^ Cropped the second pic cuz Mommy looked great but... Heh.

Then met up with friends after Mum & sista left.

With friends Mei, Yun, Vivy, Tommy, Angelia, Esther, Qiao Yan, Cheng, and a Facebook friend James :) :)

Well I was supposed to be watching a movie that afternoon with the guys but I wanted to accompany Mum so. Sorry for that you guys!

Oh I was treated to ice cream by Tommy. Vanilla ice-cream with Strawberry topping in a crispy waffle cup :)

Saw Check Yee & Jia Fen sis working at a small PC Fair held there for the weekend, promoting Acer laptops and stuff. Do check it out for some great deals. :)

Btw I got the umbrella balloon from the PC Fair clown. It's so cute LOL. Thanks sis!

Went to Hock Lee shopping mall then. After a little car-racing & dress-hunting, we left for dinner at 101. Ate some lok-lok (My fav at 101 ^^). LOL to the topic peeps were talking about through out the whole night, during dinner ><

Fun day today. I'm thankful for everything :)

With all the love

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Atom gathering

Had a little gathering with ex-classmates at Sharing Planet last Sunday night. :)

It was supposed to be a class gathering, our 2009 class of over 40 peeps, but in the end only 7 turned up lol. Still, the people that showed up were close friends, so had lotsa fun chatting. :D

Mich looked really hungry there :P

Okay so I'm not going into the food part, cuz I did it during the last visit here some time ago. :) In case you haven't any idea what I'm talking 'bout, click here ^^ Like the last time, I had the Oreo ice-blended. It's just so good! ^^

Anyway, it's great seeing you guys. Hang out again soon! :)

With all the love

Sista's bday

Yay! I've finally started taking guitar lessons only recently, after a long long time of wanting to learn musical instruments! Now I can solo to my fav Taylor Swift songs! My first musical instrument. :D :D
JOKING! lol *dreams on*

Even tho I really, really want to learn musical instruments, it's still far from reality for me (Mum thinks that it's a waste of time and $$). Actually the guitar was a birthday present of the sista's. I look so good with the guitar though! Teehee.

But seriously, sis is so lucky! She got the guitar from her bf :)

It was last Saturday night. We had a warm little Birthday gathering for sis with some of her closest friends. Also, it was the first time sis's having her bday party so I would know that she was really really excited.


As promised, here's the cake I decorated :) :)

The red splats on the side were supposed to be fire. Could you tell? I doubt it lol. The cake was of black and red - sis's fav colour. And the fire -cuz sis is simply as hot as fire! :P

Honestly the design looked way better when it was in my brain, lol. And due to lack of skills in cake-decoration this was the best I could do. So come on, give the girl some credit kay. x)

Vanilla dressed up too, for the event. After grooming he looks more like a Poodle than a Maltese now :)

Chocobo racing. And Vanilla busy busy playing with the friends. ^^

Song singing and making-the-wish ^^

Well I guess her wish would sound something like, "I wish I could get really good grades for the final exams so I could go overnight at Damai with ma' friends!" lol. Hope it comes true for you :) :)

The presents :)

And the best sista! :P 

Happy Sweet 16 my dear. Sista love forever! XOXO :)

With all the love

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The day before the sista's bday

Messily curled the hair for eat out with Mum and sista.

Had lunch at Frienz and Family near One Jaya, Jalan Song. We were the only table there at that time, but overall the restaurant was not bad :) Service was great by the way.

Yay, the sista's turning 16 tomorrow :D :D 

 With Mummy. :) I'm fugly i know ><

Sista's Shepherd pie.

Not a great fan because it was mostly potatoes and only little minced beef. The garlic bread and cheese was great though.

Lamb chop with black pepper sauce - shared between Mum and I.

I loved the dish it's really yummy. A plus, the price is reasonable and the portion was huge if compared to other diners nowadays.


Later the evening, Mum and I got on with the preparation of the cake and desserts for sis's bday. :D  

I was the creative director for the cake, meaning I was incharge of designing the cake, which, you guys will be able to see in the upcoming post :P

 Me, busy with the mini doughnuts ^^

The final product. Looks great huh ^^ Yum! Personally I can't wait for tomorrow!

Okay I've got to go to bed now, choir tomorrow morn. Will update bout sista's bday soon! Signing off :)

With all the love

Over exams

Oh yeah! Exams ended, and I survived :)

Random pic i took during revision. And I think this is the image I portray through my blog and Facebook pics? The quiet, good girl good girl type. But no, Partially true though, but no.

Now this is the real me! The playful, chatty girl. The girl that wears fake glasses thinking it's so cool lol. Totally random I know = =... But you know lah, exams does things to your brain. 

And because of the exams I didn't get to go to a friends bday party. Custom made tags for invited peeps. Sad :(

The exams' time-table.

Goodbye exam's time-table!!

Sharing: I did some drawings during :) :)

Just so you know, I find it difficult to draw males, especially their eyes ><

Anyway, I got my Math T. paper back! Whoa, not gonna tell the marks here. Loads of room for improvement.

Q3. Scored! ^^ 5/5

Q9. 5/6 marks :D :D Look what the teacher wrote on my paper: "Good. You seem to be sleeping but at least you listen!" LOL oh man. Speechless...

Q11. A big fat 0. >< Ish I hate parabolas. Just don't get this.

I almost cried in school today, but I managed to save the tears till i got home. I smile and I laugh but yeah. No one, not even my bestie, noticed that I've been emo this few weeks. A friend did notice though, and I'm thankful for that. It's nice to know that at least someone cares :)

With all the love