Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Atom gathering

Had a little gathering with ex-classmates at Sharing Planet last Sunday night. :)

It was supposed to be a class gathering, our 2009 class of over 40 peeps, but in the end only 7 turned up lol. Still, the people that showed up were close friends, so had lotsa fun chatting. :D

Mich looked really hungry there :P

Okay so I'm not going into the food part, cuz I did it during the last visit here some time ago. :) In case you haven't any idea what I'm talking 'bout, click here ^^ Like the last time, I had the Oreo ice-blended. It's just so good! ^^

Anyway, it's great seeing you guys. Hang out again soon! :)

With all the love

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