Saturday, October 23, 2010

The day before the sista's bday

Messily curled the hair for eat out with Mum and sista.

Had lunch at Frienz and Family near One Jaya, Jalan Song. We were the only table there at that time, but overall the restaurant was not bad :) Service was great by the way.

Yay, the sista's turning 16 tomorrow :D :D 

 With Mummy. :) I'm fugly i know ><

Sista's Shepherd pie.

Not a great fan because it was mostly potatoes and only little minced beef. The garlic bread and cheese was great though.

Lamb chop with black pepper sauce - shared between Mum and I.

I loved the dish it's really yummy. A plus, the price is reasonable and the portion was huge if compared to other diners nowadays.


Later the evening, Mum and I got on with the preparation of the cake and desserts for sis's bday. :D  

I was the creative director for the cake, meaning I was incharge of designing the cake, which, you guys will be able to see in the upcoming post :P

 Me, busy with the mini doughnuts ^^

The final product. Looks great huh ^^ Yum! Personally I can't wait for tomorrow!

Okay I've got to go to bed now, choir tomorrow morn. Will update bout sista's bday soon! Signing off :)

With all the love

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