Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kpop & Vids sharing :)

[ Ui & Seulong - Nagging ]

A sweet duet that I enjoy listening to very much :)


[Sori & Dong Joon - Burning Down ]

This is also a duet I love a lot :D

It sounds like a happy song but on the contrary it's a heart broken song describing how their love and their hearts being burned down lol. Enjoy!

[ 2NE1 - Go Away ]

Now I dedicates this song to all the jerks out there! Stop hurting girls, okay??

Not pitifully alone, but a glamorous solo, that's my way.
Love is over, love love is over tonight.

Kevjumba, an amazing Facebook comedian which is totally cute lol, is currently taking part in The Amazing Race.

This season have yet being aired on Astro but I'm supporting them by keeping up-to-date to his vids :) His father and him are doing so well, everyone should support them.

With all the love