Saturday, October 30, 2010

Out and about

Another typical trip to The Spring, with Mum and sista :)  

Smile :)

Without smile :|

Am a skirts person, close friends and family would knw :) even tho I don't have great legs >< Teehee.

Anyway, Mummy was in a good mood today. So yeah, Body Glove :)

Then we chilled out at Food Bazaar a little while enjoying some igloo ice. :)

Left: Milky snow Chocolate Jam
Right: Guava ice Red Bean :)

First time trying the Red Bean & the guava-flavored ice. I like the Red Bean but, wrong choice with the ice. Well, just my opinion :)

 With Mum ^^ Cropped the second pic cuz Mommy looked great but... Heh.

Then met up with friends after Mum & sista left.

With friends Mei, Yun, Vivy, Tommy, Angelia, Esther, Qiao Yan, Cheng, and a Facebook friend James :) :)

Well I was supposed to be watching a movie that afternoon with the guys but I wanted to accompany Mum so. Sorry for that you guys!

Oh I was treated to ice cream by Tommy. Vanilla ice-cream with Strawberry topping in a crispy waffle cup :)

Saw Check Yee & Jia Fen sis working at a small PC Fair held there for the weekend, promoting Acer laptops and stuff. Do check it out for some great deals. :)

Btw I got the umbrella balloon from the PC Fair clown. It's so cute LOL. Thanks sis!

Went to Hock Lee shopping mall then. After a little car-racing & dress-hunting, we left for dinner at 101. Ate some lok-lok (My fav at 101 ^^). LOL to the topic peeps were talking about through out the whole night, during dinner ><

Fun day today. I'm thankful for everything :)

With all the love

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