Saturday, October 23, 2010

Over exams

Oh yeah! Exams ended, and I survived :)

Random pic i took during revision. And I think this is the image I portray through my blog and Facebook pics? The quiet, good girl good girl type. But no, Partially true though, but no.

Now this is the real me! The playful, chatty girl. The girl that wears fake glasses thinking it's so cool lol. Totally random I know = =... But you know lah, exams does things to your brain. 

And because of the exams I didn't get to go to a friends bday party. Custom made tags for invited peeps. Sad :(

The exams' time-table.

Goodbye exam's time-table!!

Sharing: I did some drawings during :) :)

Just so you know, I find it difficult to draw males, especially their eyes ><

Anyway, I got my Math T. paper back! Whoa, not gonna tell the marks here. Loads of room for improvement.

Q3. Scored! ^^ 5/5

Q9. 5/6 marks :D :D Look what the teacher wrote on my paper: "Good. You seem to be sleeping but at least you listen!" LOL oh man. Speechless...

Q11. A big fat 0. >< Ish I hate parabolas. Just don't get this.

I almost cried in school today, but I managed to save the tears till i got home. I smile and I laugh but yeah. No one, not even my bestie, noticed that I've been emo this few weeks. A friend did notice though, and I'm thankful for that. It's nice to know that at least someone cares :)

With all the love

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