Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sista's bday

Yay! I've finally started taking guitar lessons only recently, after a long long time of wanting to learn musical instruments! Now I can solo to my fav Taylor Swift songs! My first musical instrument. :D :D
JOKING! lol *dreams on*

Even tho I really, really want to learn musical instruments, it's still far from reality for me (Mum thinks that it's a waste of time and $$). Actually the guitar was a birthday present of the sista's. I look so good with the guitar though! Teehee.

But seriously, sis is so lucky! She got the guitar from her bf :)

It was last Saturday night. We had a warm little Birthday gathering for sis with some of her closest friends. Also, it was the first time sis's having her bday party so I would know that she was really really excited.


As promised, here's the cake I decorated :) :)

The red splats on the side were supposed to be fire. Could you tell? I doubt it lol. The cake was of black and red - sis's fav colour. And the fire -cuz sis is simply as hot as fire! :P

Honestly the design looked way better when it was in my brain, lol. And due to lack of skills in cake-decoration this was the best I could do. So come on, give the girl some credit kay. x)

Vanilla dressed up too, for the event. After grooming he looks more like a Poodle than a Maltese now :)

Chocobo racing. And Vanilla busy busy playing with the friends. ^^

Song singing and making-the-wish ^^

Well I guess her wish would sound something like, "I wish I could get really good grades for the final exams so I could go overnight at Damai with ma' friends!" lol. Hope it comes true for you :) :)

The presents :)

And the best sista! :P 

Happy Sweet 16 my dear. Sista love forever! XOXO :)

With all the love


Ҝεηđяǐск™ said...

Nicey nicey~!
Actually I'm also planning to take on another instrument~!
Jy jy with your guitar lesson wey~! xD

kxin♥ said...

Sarcasm hah! TT Why not take on violin? I think it'll suit you :D

Ҝεηđяǐск™ said...

What sarcasm lor~!
Guitar is a nice instrument to play wad~
Wont screech like how violins do~
Actually I already know how to play the violin bar...
I used to go for violin lessons lor...
But stopped because of PMR~
Woooo~~~~ =D