Saturday, October 16, 2010

Year end exams- 1st week

Was out having dinner and chilled a little at Terry's Place. The food was aite :)

...The picture looks weird somehow. ><

Okay so i've got through the 1st week of my exams in one piece.

All the writing parts are done, and now to prepare sufficient amounts of bullets to help me get through the next. :P

General studies paper, out of the 4 subs I think i did best in this particular one. Though my essays are immature and i think it lacks depth. Am bad at essay writing from the start so.

Math. T. I think I did okay :) :) Am in bliss cuz' I could answer most of the questions, unlike the last exam >< BUT! I found out only after the exam that for a full question which I know how to solve, I did it absolutely wrong and sent 10+ marks flying out the window my gawd! How stupid could I be huh.

Biology exam. Annelid and Platyhelminthes, I messed the two up and produced an essay of opposite points, which is obviously really, really bad.

Chemistry, got stuck at the sp2 sp3 section ><

*Just so you know I don't have tuition for any of the subjects*

The worst was my MUET essay wrting. The tittle was: There are more female graduates than male graduates at universities these days. Discuss. MY GAWD! I don't think I've produced an essay as bad as this, ever, in my life! I could just stab myself to death.

Okay so basically the essay started off saying that sexism has always been an issue debated but the unisex concept is slowly taking dominance over society. But then from there it went to distance like, guys are dumb (No offence ><) and girls are more calculative and hardworking blah blah blah, which showed strong sexism and was totally against my introduction itself. = =''...

Overall the essay was a piece of crap. And again I question myself, how much dumber could I possibly get?

Thumbs up for the emo face! Teehee. And I'm ready for the 2nd week of the exams. BRING IT ON!!

With all the love

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