Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random stuffs 4-in-one

Harry Potter movie night with friends :)

Lazy to dress up so i just had my jacket over a plain back singlet, with skirts and sandals. Too casual, but nah, couldn't care less, cuz all I was thinking about was the movie. :D

Time for the newbie movie review! :D

Okay, so I read the book before hand and I knew was going to happen one event after the other, which made things a little less exciting. The movie too, skipped parts of the details in the book so yeah. Also the emotional conflict of Harry was not portrayed strong enough in the movie if compared to the book at least that's what I feel. Okay moving on.

But I just gotta say that J.K. Rowling is pure genius! to be able to build up such a great plot out of nothing. Love the parts of The Tale of The Three Brothers, the trios' trip to the Ministry of Magic, and the ending. :D Owh the part of Nagini (Voldemolt's pet snake) attacking Harry was super exciting! I kindda sorta almost screamed out loud.

Rate this 10/10 just cuz I'M A HARRY POTTER SUPPA FAN! And even if I found flaws in parts of the movie I would still rate it 10 lol.

Chilled at Secret Recipe after movie. Check yee with his cake and my Starbucks. :)

The idiotic satisfied-after-movie smile lol. :) The eyes are really puffy that it looks painful I know ><

Biology report with group mates at ma place.

We started at around 9.30 am, had lunch prepared by Mum then moved the location to my room then continued till somewhat around 4pm. So tiring!

Tidy bedroom crammed with people and stuff. 

Well, girls are girls. We ended up playing dress up and they each tried on my dresses lol.

New camera! :) Thanks to Aunt Debbie for helping us get it from Singapore. It is of 10.2 megapix, with smile detection and stuff like that. Not getting into the details but if you wanna know about it, feel free to ask :)

Testing out the new camera. What do you think? Buh-bye low quality 2.0 megapix photos! :D :D

Okay last thing, it's getting really late so just gonna keep it short. Anyone know this girl? :)

I learnt her name just recently and quickly became a fan. She's neither singer or actress. She's pretty and so talented and cute. And gosh I would love to have her hair. :)

With all the love,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Swinburne Prom 2010

Swinburne's 2010 Prom was held last night, 20/10. Well I'm not a Swinburne student but I attended cuz I was invited by a friend of mine Avery :)

So we know each other from my mini movie project earlier this year - Sweetest July and he was my ex-fiance in the movie. Click here to read Sweetest July :) (Updated). The other crew members were also present that night except Nigel.

Getting the hair done in the salon around 3pm. 

Outfit for the night.

So the prom dressing theme was "Walk of Fame". I'm not the over-the-top kind when it comes to dressing for banquets cuz I'm no attention-huger that wants to be in the spotlight or whatever la. Initially, I wanted to go with milky white or the peachy pink colour dress but I'm in no luck of finding one :(

I don't know what the hell i was thinking for me to choose to go with this one-shoulder long ocean blue dress lol. (Actually half was the convincing done by the beloved Mum :P) A last minute choice.

The dress came in black too, which is more plain and suits my style, but it was only available in size M which was too big for me. (LOL No joke! I fitted into the S size ><)

And this was more-or-less what I look like that night >< Looked like I was going to my own wedding lol.

Never have I wore a one-shouldered dress and never have I wore a dress so long in my life. And never ever have I wore such a BRIGHT colour to a banquet before lol. (So yeah, really felt like I overdressed and so I wasn't wearing my max confidence that night :| )

Love the clutch purse thou :)

And I love the shoes, which would both look so good which the originally-wanted milky white or the peachy pink colour dress. Awww ikr.

Straight to the part of performances, Steady State Error playing :)

The band consisting of Anthony, Riady, Jason and two other guys on the bass and drum, played two songs - Smooth and Butterfly that night. They said they made loads of mistakes during but I'm not an instrument-playing girl so I didn't really noticed >< Their performances were great to me :D

Butterfly was said to be dedicated to me by Avery, which on the spot shouted Avery, "All lies la!". Not sure what was going on there, lol.

Riady on the electric guitar. Oh man I loved his solo part. Suppa awesome! :D :D And I could say that it was Riady's night that night lol. What would my mama do~~~

Lots of bands performed that night. Forgot the name of the band, but personally I find this particular band rather annoying lol. I wanna hold your hand, I wanna hold your hand~~~~

Avery on stage for being nominated as Prom King. :D

Everyone (well literally not everyone lol) wanted him to win so bad and he was so annoyed by it. He didn't win though, cuz we didn't manage to get enough votes for him. Another awww moment.

Some random dance crew dancing. (Sorry for the low quality pictures ><)

Update 25/04/2012: Apparently that was Soul Dance lol!

Dinner, buffet style, was served at ard 8.30-9pm, which was so late and everyone, including me myself were starving to death. Lasagna was awesome. And the desserts looked so good huh! But I only ate the Brownie. 

Didn't eat much cuz i wasn't having much of an appetite even though I was really really hungry before >< 

Mick Long Bridal Studio had two fabulous fashion show sessions. (Reminded me of how much I miss modeling wedding gowns :( )

My cute date Avery, and the dance floor :) 

I didn't dance much as usual, even tho I really really wanted to dance so badly. We then had a drink at McGregor afterwards.

Pictures from Facebook taken that night. :)

Overall the night was great, except that I think I was too quiet most of the night and wasn't being a good company to my date :( 

With all the love,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Update 13/11

Went for Hari Permuafakatan with Daddy earlier today. Puffy eyes from sleeping late last night ><

Then I realized all my white school tees are washed, so I had to wear only the shirt I could find at that time that was super tiny/once owned by the lil bro lol. It was ill-fitting, but then what other choice do I have wth. I wonder if anyone noticed lol.

Awesome Mr. Sanada was kind enough and didn't really say any bad things about me, other than that he was disappointed that my writing skills are not as good as what he had expected. TT Well, I read a lot but I've been so poor in my English essays since forever. I honestly don't know what to do about it. (You guys know lah, from reading my blog ><)

As for my results, Daddy was utterly surprised. I didn't do well and I know I could've done so much better. But let's not get into that.

Year end holidays starts on the 16th, which is something I would normally be all excited about. But the situation in class is still so tense everyday. The teachers are still teaching like crazy, as our lower 6 syllabus is yet to be completed. I don't think any of my classmates have any holiday spirit at all. Not to mention we have Biology reports and projects to complete during the holidays.

[Flashback] Friends and I working on our soil experiments some time ago. :) So much better than boring lectures all day.

[Flashback] Had a great time at Zi Sing's 18th bday bash the other night. :) The cake her mum made for her was awesome! And of course, I have shuppa awesome friends. What did I do to deserve yall? I'm so lucky <3

A sad thing for Kevjumba fans! Team Jumba has been eliminated from The Amazing Race. :( 

Kevin - aka kevjumba, was so supportive of his dad and he showed great personality during difficulties faced throughout the whole journey. Saw another side of him I never knew before and that made me like him even more now. Team Jumba forever!! :D

Anyway I'm blessed though, to have some events to look forward to this holidays :) One of it, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1!! 

Oh man I've been waiting for this for quite some time and finally it's here. No doubt that it's gonna be shuppa awesome!! :D (I use the word Awesome a little too much these days = =)

Just here to blabber a bit lol.

With all the love,

Friday, November 5, 2010

Ma friday night

Friday night tonight, was supposed to go to Boulevard with Mum and bro, but the lil bro is sick so yeah, change of plans.  

Hung out with the sista, had Starbucks and did some random shopping around. Quality girl time together :)

In the fitting room. :)

The pink leopard print top is a new arrival from Goggles. Gosh I love it so much! And there was this Gray jacket too. Gorgeous stuff. I wanna shop so bad! ><

Got the new Vivi. :) Sept 2010 summer issue.

Ayu Hamasaki looks stunning in this spread! The hair is so so cute and pretty ^^

I love the warm golden colour scheme. Totally my choice of style <3

Reading these magazines made me want to dye my hair even more. Cuz brown/golden coloured hair goes well with everything, all the clothes, accessories, shoes etc. But black hair goes with, well umm, NOTHING! ><

I can't wait to finish Form 6 so I can officially get my hair dyed golden/brown. I wonder how would it look on me though?

Haha disastrous. I know, right. Had fun editing it though lol. Signing off. :D

With all the love