Friday, November 5, 2010

Ma friday night

Friday night tonight, was supposed to go to Boulevard with Mum and bro, but the lil bro is sick so yeah, change of plans.  

Hung out with the sista, had Starbucks and did some random shopping around. Quality girl time together :)

In the fitting room. :)

The pink leopard print top is a new arrival from Goggles. Gosh I love it so much! And there was this Gray jacket too. Gorgeous stuff. I wanna shop so bad! ><

Got the new Vivi. :) Sept 2010 summer issue.

Ayu Hamasaki looks stunning in this spread! The hair is so so cute and pretty ^^

I love the warm golden colour scheme. Totally my choice of style <3

Reading these magazines made me want to dye my hair even more. Cuz brown/golden coloured hair goes well with everything, all the clothes, accessories, shoes etc. But black hair goes with, well umm, NOTHING! ><

I can't wait to finish Form 6 so I can officially get my hair dyed golden/brown. I wonder how would it look on me though?

Haha disastrous. I know, right. Had fun editing it though lol. Signing off. :D

With all the love


Jasz said...

omg i love that cropped top! been searching one since forever. somemore its in leopard prints. did u buy it? may i know how much is it? >< i want it x3 ♥

kxin♥ said...

Sadly, i didn't buy it. I think the price is ard rm59 gua~ :) Forgot the exact price, paiseh gal ><

Jasz said...

its okay xD