Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random stuffs 4-in-one

Harry Potter movie night with friends :)

Lazy to dress up so i just had my jacket over a plain back singlet, with skirts and sandals. Too casual, but nah, couldn't care less, cuz all I was thinking about was the movie. :D

Time for the newbie movie review! :D

Okay, so I read the book before hand and I knew was going to happen one event after the other, which made things a little less exciting. The movie too, skipped parts of the details in the book so yeah. Also the emotional conflict of Harry was not portrayed strong enough in the movie if compared to the book at least that's what I feel. Okay moving on.

But I just gotta say that J.K. Rowling is pure genius! to be able to build up such a great plot out of nothing. Love the parts of The Tale of The Three Brothers, the trios' trip to the Ministry of Magic, and the ending. :D Owh the part of Nagini (Voldemolt's pet snake) attacking Harry was super exciting! I kindda sorta almost screamed out loud.

Rate this 10/10 just cuz I'M A HARRY POTTER SUPPA FAN! And even if I found flaws in parts of the movie I would still rate it 10 lol.

Chilled at Secret Recipe after movie. Check yee with his cake and my Starbucks. :)

The idiotic satisfied-after-movie smile lol. :) The eyes are really puffy that it looks painful I know ><

Biology report with group mates at ma place.

We started at around 9.30 am, had lunch prepared by Mum then moved the location to my room then continued till somewhat around 4pm. So tiring!

Tidy bedroom crammed with people and stuff. 

Well, girls are girls. We ended up playing dress up and they each tried on my dresses lol.

New camera! :) Thanks to Aunt Debbie for helping us get it from Singapore. It is of 10.2 megapix, with smile detection and stuff like that. Not getting into the details but if you wanna know about it, feel free to ask :)

Testing out the new camera. What do you think? Buh-bye low quality 2.0 megapix photos! :D :D

Okay last thing, it's getting really late so just gonna keep it short. Anyone know this girl? :)

I learnt her name just recently and quickly became a fan. She's neither singer or actress. She's pretty and so talented and cute. And gosh I would love to have her hair. :)

With all the love,

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