Sunday, November 21, 2010

Swinburne Prom 2010

Swinburne's 2010 Prom was held last night, 20/10. Well I'm not a Swinburne student but I attended cuz I was invited by a friend of mine Avery :)

So we know each other from my mini movie project earlier this year - Sweetest July and he was my ex-fiance in the movie. Click here to read Sweetest July :) (Updated). The other crew members were also present that night except Nigel.

Getting the hair done in the salon around 3pm. 

Outfit for the night.

So the prom dressing theme was "Walk of Fame". I'm not the over-the-top kind when it comes to dressing for banquets cuz I'm no attention-huger that wants to be in the spotlight or whatever la. Initially, I wanted to go with milky white or the peachy pink colour dress but I'm in no luck of finding one :(

I don't know what the hell i was thinking for me to choose to go with this one-shoulder long ocean blue dress lol. (Actually half was the convincing done by the beloved Mum :P) A last minute choice.

The dress came in black too, which is more plain and suits my style, but it was only available in size M which was too big for me. (LOL No joke! I fitted into the S size ><)

And this was more-or-less what I look like that night >< Looked like I was going to my own wedding lol.

Never have I wore a one-shouldered dress and never have I wore a dress so long in my life. And never ever have I wore such a BRIGHT colour to a banquet before lol. (So yeah, really felt like I overdressed and so I wasn't wearing my max confidence that night :| )

Love the clutch purse thou :)

And I love the shoes, which would both look so good which the originally-wanted milky white or the peachy pink colour dress. Awww ikr.

Straight to the part of performances, Steady State Error playing :)

The band consisting of Anthony, Riady, Jason and two other guys on the bass and drum, played two songs - Smooth and Butterfly that night. They said they made loads of mistakes during but I'm not an instrument-playing girl so I didn't really noticed >< Their performances were great to me :D

Butterfly was said to be dedicated to me by Avery, which on the spot shouted Avery, "All lies la!". Not sure what was going on there, lol.

Riady on the electric guitar. Oh man I loved his solo part. Suppa awesome! :D :D And I could say that it was Riady's night that night lol. What would my mama do~~~

Lots of bands performed that night. Forgot the name of the band, but personally I find this particular band rather annoying lol. I wanna hold your hand, I wanna hold your hand~~~~

Avery on stage for being nominated as Prom King. :D

Everyone (well literally not everyone lol) wanted him to win so bad and he was so annoyed by it. He didn't win though, cuz we didn't manage to get enough votes for him. Another awww moment.

Some random dance crew dancing. (Sorry for the low quality pictures ><)

Update 25/04/2012: Apparently that was Soul Dance lol!

Dinner, buffet style, was served at ard 8.30-9pm, which was so late and everyone, including me myself were starving to death. Lasagna was awesome. And the desserts looked so good huh! But I only ate the Brownie. 

Didn't eat much cuz i wasn't having much of an appetite even though I was really really hungry before >< 

Mick Long Bridal Studio had two fabulous fashion show sessions. (Reminded me of how much I miss modeling wedding gowns :( )

My cute date Avery, and the dance floor :) 

I didn't dance much as usual, even tho I really really wanted to dance so badly. We then had a drink at McGregor afterwards.

Pictures from Facebook taken that night. :)

Overall the night was great, except that I think I was too quiet most of the night and wasn't being a good company to my date :( 

With all the love,


DemonD said...

If I may correct it,,it was STEADY STATE "ERROR"..btw,,you have a nice purse...:p

kxin♥ said...

Oopps how embarrassing. Lol and thanks! :)