Monday, December 20, 2010

Update III :)

No pic intro for this post my apologies :)

I went to a wedding two days ago with my darling friend Yun. I love weddings! :) The wedding was held at The Hilton hotel, but I didn't dress formally because I didn't feel like it. First time wearing flats to a wedding :P

It was a wedding of two doctors from the General Hospital, namely Dr Han Hua and Dr. Victoria.

They endured 4 years of long distance relationship when the bride was studying in Manhattan. And only after 9 years being together, they finally got married. And 3 of their close friends were invited to give a toast to them. It was the sweetest thing!

This really touched me, convincing me that true love still exists :)

Okay so it won't be Keryn if nothing embarrassing happened, lol.

SO i never seen the bride and groom before. When I just arrived at the wedding and went to shake hands with the hosts, after greeting the bride's parents I went on shaking her hands, looked into her eyes and sincerely said, "Congratulations." But then she answer me, "Don't say congratulations to me. I'm not the bride." Wth!! My face went red that instant haha. . And only half way through the wedding I found the assumed-groom that I said another "Congratulations" to, was the bride's little brother. Oh man.

Real bride and groom (3rd pair from the left) 

Embarrassing-not-the-bride-and-groom (First pair from the left) She was wearing a white gown for heaven's sake!!
LOL right.

Toasting with the real bride and groom xD

All in all it was a really heart warming event. They have my sincere blessing and I wish them happily married till the end of their lives :) :)

(Keryn: Original part of post removed because of pictures corruption :C)

Christmas in 5 days. I, for one am so excited!
Am counting down to Christmas out of town.

A reason why this year's Christmas is so nice, it's because I feel so loved recently.
I have friends offering to get me Christmas presents. I rejected of course, but I truly feel so blessed.
I have people continue loving me, without asking for anything in return.
Feeling so appreciative suddenly.
Thank you!

Wish everyone a Christmas filled with joy and happiness

With all the love,

*I truly miss you Oppah. :( Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hi. I am Kxin.

And I love to Dance. :)

Last two days of my life, I spent it meaningfully, hanging out with a few dancers around Kuching, together to pitch up a dance vid. :)

So basically sis and I, we don't know any of the dancers in real life, and we were afraid that we might not be able to fit in. But the situation was otherwise. Everyone was friendly and nice, we made friends and we ended up having tons of fun.

Danced in the studio at Sarawak Club. For me I just adore the feeling of having to step into a studio, whatever the occasion. :) I posed like a chicken, but honestly it wasn't supposed to look that way. Angle problem I guess, lol.

Talented dancers in Breaking, Popping, Locking, Jazz etc~ a combination of dancers from Exmo, Flow Combat, Soulless and Styler. :) Sis and I, we were the only Hip Hoppers in the group.  Loving the whole dancing environment :) 

The guy in white- Khai, he's a very talented dancer and he's the organiser of this activity. Would love to introduce the whole gang, but yeah, running out of time.

Something embarrassing happened on the first day of practice, twice. Haha that, I would not like to recap.

Injured the knee while attempting to do a slide on the floor TT It really hurts, but it's only a little piece of skin coming off. I can't imagine the pain the bboys had to go through, falling to the ground with loud bangs and bleeding from the knees. ><

Group photo of 12 of us~ :D

Successfully shot the second part of the vid at the club, then we moved to shoot the first part at Punggung Udara. Half way through shooting, it rained. 

Wanted to postpone the shooting to tomorrow but some dancers can't make it, then after they're back sis and I can't make it. So after much deliberations we decided to postpone shooting till after new year, thus the complete vid won't be available very soon.

But need not fuss, cuz the trailer vid is up already!! ^^ Head to my Facebook page to watch it now :) And please comment and click like to support us.

I love the experience overall. Can't wait for the next shooting session. :)

With all the love,

*Missed Riady's birthday party due to exhaustion from dancing :(

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am rounder these days.
Getting used to the comfy grey jacket for various reasons. x)
Not good with blinking. LOL

Went to Kado with a great friend of mine the other night.
First time there, likes the place alot. :)
Bumped into a few secondary friends there celebrating bday.
Had the Caramel Milk Tea with pearl. Love it.

Hello friend.
I appreciate you. 
Thanks for all the effort you're making.
And I hope this friendship will last, cuz you're awesome.

So there at Kado, there's this huge Christmas present at the centre of the diner. There were loads of sticky tags on it people writing their wishes and stuff. I got some time to read a few. It's so touching, and the whole idea is so sweet and warm. :) Didn't get the chance to write something on it though. :|

With all the love,

*Am really busy lately, loads going on. I'll find time to update more, shorter posts though. :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holidays - random update II

Hello people :)

Got asked by somebody why am I not updating recently. So here I am. But it's gonna be short cuz I have a new curfew for the internet that is until 12am, and it's already half past 11 now. Sad, right? :(

So this post is just gonna be some random update from my last few days.

Not edited in anyway. Love this picture for it's emoness. I'm superb EMO. :(

Walking Vanilla :) :) It would be more enjoyable walking him though, if he would actually follow me. Cuz I'm usually the one being pulled around,and it's really tiring.

Pic taken during a singing competition of adults, a.k.a old people.

One of my aunt and uncle were participating, they did well but they didn't make into the finals. :( Love singing but am not familiar with old chinese songs so yeah, was bored to death. And because of this occasion I have to push off plans with friends. :(

Hazelnut choc, with Chris at Jade's Tea Room. First time there, love the environment. Used the Blackberry for the very first time, love it. Note to self, gotta learn to keep the camera strap out of frame. 

Bumped into beloved sista Jia Fen and her friends celebrating her birthday there. She's still so bubbly and cute, and she gave me a piece of her cake lol. Cake was great. But it's sad we don't really get to hang out anymore. :(

It was also Jong's bday. I randomly edited this picture for him using the PS2. Bad editing I know, but he said he liked it so it's all good.

Watched Narnia, the Voyage and the Dawn Treader with friends. Narnia 2 was bad so honestly I was not thrilled when they told me we'll be watching Narnia 3. But i'm glad I did.

Narnia 3 was with more drama and more things going on compared to Narnia 2. Narnia 2 was mostly fight scenes and battles and stuff. Beginning of the movie, hate the character Eustace. In the end, love him. Lol watch the movie yourself to know why. :)

Rate 8/10. Recommends. :) And children would absolutely love this film, I think.

Street dance 3 - got this on DVD. Street dance is from UK and I don't like the accent. If you're confused, let me explain. So we say "It's beautiful.", but the way they say it is "It's beautiful?", which is really annoying lol. If the British accent is like the one used in Harry Potter, then I don't mind. x)

The dancing part, of course it's great. But well, the overall thing was not really to my liking. Me no likey. I prefer Step Up series. Rate 5/10. :(

*Used 6 negative smileys in this post. LOL a new record i think.

With all the love,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Movie Night

Photo from yesterday night. Went out with Von and some colleagues from PC fair  :)

So I just came home from another movie with Daddy and sista. Daddy's really into movies these days I wonder why lol. So we wanted to watch Rapunzel, but yeah, cartoons are not a thing of Daddy's so we watched The Social Network instead.

With sista in the elevator ;)

Outfit, wore my white boyfriend-blouse with shorts and Bohemian slippers, that made Daddy ask, "What kind of style is this?" when he saw me lol. Hmm.

We went to Riverside Star tonight and it's been awhile since my last movie there. All I can say is that MBO made Star look so 1950's, no joke. 

The Social Network - great movie. Rate 7/10.

Think many people will find this film boring because there were no action. Not recommended to action junkies because its mostly dialogues, dialogues and more dialogues. And I'm sure half the hall found the overall plot confusing. My sister yawned half way throughout the movie and ranted that it's boring.

I enjoyed the film though. I like the plot it's interesting and because it's about Facebook it's something everyone can relate to. Not to relate to, literally, cuz we're no computer geniuses and we ain't no creators of Facebook.... == But yeah you get my point right.

Eduardo Saverin played by Andrew Garfield, is my fav character in the film. Smart, values friendship and he got genuineness in his eyes . Me likey. ;)

Eduardo: [after pretending to assault Sean] I like standing next to you, Sean... it makes me look so tough.

Justin Timberlake played the bad guy, Sean Parker really well. Believable acting, till i felt like i wanna slap him in the face when he started to mess things up between Mark and Eduardo lol. So, Justin fans, don't watch this.

Watched Unstoppable last week with Dad and sis at MBO. Rate 7/10. 

So basically the whole film is talking about a train that was driving on it's own and everyone tried to stop it. Exciting film to watch and I could feel my hair standing up at times. But a disappointment, it's really obvious from the beginning that they would succeed in stopping the train. So a twist in the ending would be very much appreciated?

Chris Pine/Will is H.O.T. but my fav character in the movie is Denzel Washington/Frank. Recommends :)

Last on the list, can't believe i'm saying this lol, Scary Movie 1- 4. As i'm typing along right now, sis and I are watching Scary Movie 4. Lol funny moments, but I don't really like watching them because these films has no meaning and no depth. >< Rate it a piece of crap. 

Wanted to watch 'Letters To Juliette' since forever.  I read some reviews of it before and it gave me high expectations for the film. :) Got the dvd and will be watching it sometime soon.

With all my love,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Year end holidays - random update I

Sista and I, Fuhitsu and DIGI gals :)

Us, chilling out at Mcds after work at ICT Fair @ Permata. People say we look alike idk why. We don't, right?

Had Oreo Mcflurry as supper 2 nights in a row, generously treated by the sister. :D Owh Mcflurry you little devil, how could I possibly resist you!

Picture took by Chris when he visited the fair. ><

Okay so basically my job was to pass out flyers and promote DIGI Broadband. Worked from11am to 9+pm for 3-5th December. A killer to the legs oh gosh. So the RM30-rebate-for-12 months-save-up-to-RM360-offer-only-available-if-you-registered-at-the-fair (lol) to me was quite tempting, but idk why people are not interested. ><

PC fair was overall fun. Thanks to Evon who introduced the job. :)

Met loads of friends there, got to know new people and saw loads of Facebook peeps. Great social occasion! But I don't really talk much at times so yeah. Also, whole day of leng loi leng zai in da house! (And that's actually the best part) lol. Life is beautiful when you see beautiful things~ :P lol

K moving on.


30/11/2010 (Self-practice in the bedroom)


My musically inclined holidays, packed with school choir practices. Tiring at times, but i'm not complaining. :) Never thought I would love singing choir so much. :) And I THINK my singing has improved (even just a little, i'm glad lol).

I'm a soprano, meaning having to sing higher notes in divisions among the altos, tenors and base. And may I say that it's a really challenging task! But again, I'm not complaining. :)

Oh before I forget, I wanna inform you guys about an upcoming event.

Batu Lintang Chorus Concert 2011

Date: 14-15 January, 2011
Venue: MBKS Auditorium
Ticket price: RM50, RM25

Anyone interested to go and enjoy a night filled with music, do contact me :)

Continuing to fill my holidays with music, it's a job of my super cute portable speaker. Sista has one in black. High quality sound projection, awesome stuff from China.

And of course not forgetting her. :) Fill up my nights with song~ Lite FM Love Zone and Swing Time, can't get enough.

Salutes music!!

With all the love,

P.S. Gotta find time to go to MBO soon. Wanna catch the Social Network and Rapunzel, a tangled tale.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wow it's Dec already

I'm trying my best to make myself smile more :)

Wow it's December already! Soon, 2010 will be over. It's scary, how fast time pasts without us noticing. And in a blink of an eye I'd be sitting in the exam halls taking my STPM. >< Time, is something I don't have on my side.

Sad feeling though, having to think that 2010 is coming to an end just like that. Much to my disappointment, my 18-years-old life wasn't as fulfilling as I expected it to be. Not as exciting and not as challenging. Disappointment in more ways than one. Besides, I don't think i've accomplished much this year. Feel like i've let a whole year go to waste, which is sad.

Sometimes the things you want so badly just slip away. Ambitious dreams crushed, and you'd give up hoping. But consider this. The heart still beats on and tomorrow will still come. Then what's the use of depression and remorse? What's the use of recapping unfavorable memories? Life goes on. And it'd only be like a slap in the face if one kept looking back. So I've to constantly remind myself, to live today better if I'm to be unsatisfied with my yesterday.

But still I doubt, will better things come? I do hope so.

If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again. - Flavia Weedn

With all the love,

Class Trip to Kubah

Kubah trip on the 24th Nov was a really memorable one. :) Thanks to Ylian and Evonne, who did a well job organizing this trip. And thanks to my new cam I can have quality pictures for this post! :D

Had breakfast at some random coffee shop at Matang. Am in search of the best Teh C Peng in Kuching :)

Tons of fun inside the bus along the way.

Arrived at Kubah entrance at about 10 something. Everybody was pumped and ready to start jungle trekking. Destination, the waterfall.

I love the above picture except the part consisting of me and my big fat head lol. A really bad picture of myself, puffy eyes and all. Reserve your comments! And mainly i uploaded it here because no photo comments can be made. :P

Jungle-trekking to the waterfall in session! Tiring stuff. Gave the legs a really hard time making through the paved staircases and muddy leaves-covered ground. But I love the outdoors and I love nature so it's all good. :) 

Joy and laughter from friends having fun in the water. :)

But there I was all dry at the side taking pictures the whole time, thanks to the stupid monthly girl trouble with it's superb bad timing. :(  

The pack of Teddy cookies that accompanied me through my loneliness lol.

Photo sharing :) View of the waterfall, took by Kxin.

Pot-luck style lunch is served after another 1 hour and a half of hiking back to the entrance site. I love the mash potato prepared by Gia Ler himself. Superb stuff. :D

 Thank you to Chris for volunteering to drive me to school and back home. :D

And thanks to Jong for borrowing me his super comfy but utterly unflattering badminton pants :P

So blessed to have this bunch of awesome friends. :) More Kubah pics in da Facebook!

With all the love,