Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Class Trip to Kubah

Kubah trip on the 24th Nov was a really memorable one. :) Thanks to Ylian and Evonne, who did a well job organizing this trip. And thanks to my new cam I can have quality pictures for this post! :D

Had breakfast at some random coffee shop at Matang. Am in search of the best Teh C Peng in Kuching :)

Tons of fun inside the bus along the way.

Arrived at Kubah entrance at about 10 something. Everybody was pumped and ready to start jungle trekking. Destination, the waterfall.

I love the above picture except the part consisting of me and my big fat head lol. A really bad picture of myself, puffy eyes and all. Reserve your comments! And mainly i uploaded it here because no photo comments can be made. :P

Jungle-trekking to the waterfall in session! Tiring stuff. Gave the legs a really hard time making through the paved staircases and muddy leaves-covered ground. But I love the outdoors and I love nature so it's all good. :) 

Joy and laughter from friends having fun in the water. :)

But there I was all dry at the side taking pictures the whole time, thanks to the stupid monthly girl trouble with it's superb bad timing. :(  

The pack of Teddy cookies that accompanied me through my loneliness lol.

Photo sharing :) View of the waterfall, took by Kxin.

Pot-luck style lunch is served after another 1 hour and a half of hiking back to the entrance site. I love the mash potato prepared by Gia Ler himself. Superb stuff. :D

 Thank you to Chris for volunteering to drive me to school and back home. :D

And thanks to Jong for borrowing me his super comfy but utterly unflattering badminton pants :P

So blessed to have this bunch of awesome friends. :) More Kubah pics in da Facebook!

With all the love,


XianFang - 三个孩子的妈 said...

l love the pic w your big head :)
especially your 兔牙 XD

kxin♥ said...

LOL. awww *likes* xD

Chrissy Simishy said...

my gosh... i look like crap in the smile shutter picture... any why oh why the boobie pic?