Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hi. I am Kxin.

And I love to Dance. :)

Last two days of my life, I spent it meaningfully, hanging out with a few dancers around Kuching, together to pitch up a dance vid. :)

So basically sis and I, we don't know any of the dancers in real life, and we were afraid that we might not be able to fit in. But the situation was otherwise. Everyone was friendly and nice, we made friends and we ended up having tons of fun.

Danced in the studio at Sarawak Club. For me I just adore the feeling of having to step into a studio, whatever the occasion. :) I posed like a chicken, but honestly it wasn't supposed to look that way. Angle problem I guess, lol.

Talented dancers in Breaking, Popping, Locking, Jazz etc~ a combination of dancers from Exmo, Flow Combat, Soulless and Styler. :) Sis and I, we were the only Hip Hoppers in the group.  Loving the whole dancing environment :) 

The guy in white- Khai, he's a very talented dancer and he's the organiser of this activity. Would love to introduce the whole gang, but yeah, running out of time.

Something embarrassing happened on the first day of practice, twice. Haha that, I would not like to recap.

Injured the knee while attempting to do a slide on the floor TT It really hurts, but it's only a little piece of skin coming off. I can't imagine the pain the bboys had to go through, falling to the ground with loud bangs and bleeding from the knees. ><

Group photo of 12 of us~ :D

Successfully shot the second part of the vid at the club, then we moved to shoot the first part at Punggung Udara. Half way through shooting, it rained. 

Wanted to postpone the shooting to tomorrow but some dancers can't make it, then after they're back sis and I can't make it. So after much deliberations we decided to postpone shooting till after new year, thus the complete vid won't be available very soon.

But need not fuss, cuz the trailer vid is up already!! ^^ Head to my Facebook page to watch it now :) And please comment and click like to support us.

I love the experience overall. Can't wait for the next shooting session. :)

With all the love,

*Missed Riady's birthday party due to exhaustion from dancing :(


khai said...

wow...nice post! thx for ur compliment there...and sorry for ur knee injury...I won't forget these 2 days hanging out with u all...nice memory...great video we made..but the greatest achievement is we prove to ourselves that dance can really bring ppl together..and the friendship between all 12 of us~

kxin♥ said...

Haha no problem. Dance on! :)