Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am rounder these days.
Getting used to the comfy grey jacket for various reasons. x)
Not good with blinking. LOL

Went to Kado with a great friend of mine the other night.
First time there, likes the place alot. :)
Bumped into a few secondary friends there celebrating bday.
Had the Caramel Milk Tea with pearl. Love it.

Hello friend.
I appreciate you. 
Thanks for all the effort you're making.
And I hope this friendship will last, cuz you're awesome.

So there at Kado, there's this huge Christmas present at the centre of the diner. There were loads of sticky tags on it people writing their wishes and stuff. I got some time to read a few. It's so touching, and the whole idea is so sweet and warm. :) Didn't get the chance to write something on it though. :|

With all the love,

*Am really busy lately, loads going on. I'll find time to update more, shorter posts though. :)

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