Monday, December 13, 2010

Holidays - random update II

Hello people :)

Got asked by somebody why am I not updating recently. So here I am. But it's gonna be short cuz I have a new curfew for the internet that is until 12am, and it's already half past 11 now. Sad, right? :(

So this post is just gonna be some random update from my last few days.

Not edited in anyway. Love this picture for it's emoness. I'm superb EMO. :(

Walking Vanilla :) :) It would be more enjoyable walking him though, if he would actually follow me. Cuz I'm usually the one being pulled around,and it's really tiring.

Pic taken during a singing competition of adults, a.k.a old people.

One of my aunt and uncle were participating, they did well but they didn't make into the finals. :( Love singing but am not familiar with old chinese songs so yeah, was bored to death. And because of this occasion I have to push off plans with friends. :(

Hazelnut choc, with Chris at Jade's Tea Room. First time there, love the environment. Used the Blackberry for the very first time, love it. Note to self, gotta learn to keep the camera strap out of frame. 

Bumped into beloved sista Jia Fen and her friends celebrating her birthday there. She's still so bubbly and cute, and she gave me a piece of her cake lol. Cake was great. But it's sad we don't really get to hang out anymore. :(

It was also Jong's bday. I randomly edited this picture for him using the PS2. Bad editing I know, but he said he liked it so it's all good.

Watched Narnia, the Voyage and the Dawn Treader with friends. Narnia 2 was bad so honestly I was not thrilled when they told me we'll be watching Narnia 3. But i'm glad I did.

Narnia 3 was with more drama and more things going on compared to Narnia 2. Narnia 2 was mostly fight scenes and battles and stuff. Beginning of the movie, hate the character Eustace. In the end, love him. Lol watch the movie yourself to know why. :)

Rate 8/10. Recommends. :) And children would absolutely love this film, I think.

Street dance 3 - got this on DVD. Street dance is from UK and I don't like the accent. If you're confused, let me explain. So we say "It's beautiful.", but the way they say it is "It's beautiful?", which is really annoying lol. If the British accent is like the one used in Harry Potter, then I don't mind. x)

The dancing part, of course it's great. But well, the overall thing was not really to my liking. Me no likey. I prefer Step Up series. Rate 5/10. :(

*Used 6 negative smileys in this post. LOL a new record i think.

With all the love,

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