Monday, December 20, 2010

Update III :)

No pic intro for this post my apologies :)

I went to a wedding two days ago with my darling friend Yun. I love weddings! :) The wedding was held at The Hilton hotel, but I didn't dress formally because I didn't feel like it. First time wearing flats to a wedding :P

It was a wedding of two doctors from the General Hospital, namely Dr Han Hua and Dr. Victoria.

They endured 4 years of long distance relationship when the bride was studying in Manhattan. And only after 9 years being together, they finally got married. And 3 of their close friends were invited to give a toast to them. It was the sweetest thing!

This really touched me, convincing me that true love still exists :)

Okay so it won't be Keryn if nothing embarrassing happened, lol.

SO i never seen the bride and groom before. When I just arrived at the wedding and went to shake hands with the hosts, after greeting the bride's parents I went on shaking her hands, looked into her eyes and sincerely said, "Congratulations." But then she answer me, "Don't say congratulations to me. I'm not the bride." Wth!! My face went red that instant haha. . And only half way through the wedding I found the assumed-groom that I said another "Congratulations" to, was the bride's little brother. Oh man.

Real bride and groom (3rd pair from the left) 

Embarrassing-not-the-bride-and-groom (First pair from the left) She was wearing a white gown for heaven's sake!!
LOL right.

Toasting with the real bride and groom xD

All in all it was a really heart warming event. They have my sincere blessing and I wish them happily married till the end of their lives :) :)

(Keryn: Original part of post removed because of pictures corruption :C)

Christmas in 5 days. I, for one am so excited!
Am counting down to Christmas out of town.

A reason why this year's Christmas is so nice, it's because I feel so loved recently.
I have friends offering to get me Christmas presents. I rejected of course, but I truly feel so blessed.
I have people continue loving me, without asking for anything in return.
Feeling so appreciative suddenly.
Thank you!

Wish everyone a Christmas filled with joy and happiness

With all the love,

*I truly miss you Oppah. :( Merry Christmas.

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