Monday, December 6, 2010

Year end holidays - random update I

Sista and I, Fuhitsu and DIGI gals :)

Us, chilling out at Mcds after work at ICT Fair @ Permata. People say we look alike idk why. We don't, right?

Had Oreo Mcflurry as supper 2 nights in a row, generously treated by the sister. :D Owh Mcflurry you little devil, how could I possibly resist you!

Picture took by Chris when he visited the fair. ><

Okay so basically my job was to pass out flyers and promote DIGI Broadband. Worked from11am to 9+pm for 3-5th December. A killer to the legs oh gosh. So the RM30-rebate-for-12 months-save-up-to-RM360-offer-only-available-if-you-registered-at-the-fair (lol) to me was quite tempting, but idk why people are not interested. ><

PC fair was overall fun. Thanks to Evon who introduced the job. :)

Met loads of friends there, got to know new people and saw loads of Facebook peeps. Great social occasion! But I don't really talk much at times so yeah. Also, whole day of leng loi leng zai in da house! (And that's actually the best part) lol. Life is beautiful when you see beautiful things~ :P lol

K moving on.


30/11/2010 (Self-practice in the bedroom)


My musically inclined holidays, packed with school choir practices. Tiring at times, but i'm not complaining. :) Never thought I would love singing choir so much. :) And I THINK my singing has improved (even just a little, i'm glad lol).

I'm a soprano, meaning having to sing higher notes in divisions among the altos, tenors and base. And may I say that it's a really challenging task! But again, I'm not complaining. :)

Oh before I forget, I wanna inform you guys about an upcoming event.

Batu Lintang Chorus Concert 2011

Date: 14-15 January, 2011
Venue: MBKS Auditorium
Ticket price: RM50, RM25

Anyone interested to go and enjoy a night filled with music, do contact me :)

Continuing to fill my holidays with music, it's a job of my super cute portable speaker. Sista has one in black. High quality sound projection, awesome stuff from China.

And of course not forgetting her. :) Fill up my nights with song~ Lite FM Love Zone and Swing Time, can't get enough.

Salutes music!!

With all the love,

P.S. Gotta find time to go to MBO soon. Wanna catch the Social Network and Rapunzel, a tangled tale.

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