Sunday, January 30, 2011

In China II: The China Pavilion & Christmas

So the China Trip continues- and it was Christmas Eve, 24/12/2010. :)

That morning, we went to visit the China Pavilion of Expo 2010. The China Pavilion was the only building left there, which is sad cuz i would love so much to visit other country's pavilion, especially the Switzerland's. Can't imagine how grand it was to have all the countries' pavilion all in one place.

Real size, and the mini model of the China Pav :)

Some of the features and attractions in the pavilion.  Loads of interesting things to see, but it would take me ages if I were to explain the attraction sites one by one. So for now pictures will do :)

However, I want to emphasize on this particular gallery called Children's Inspiration. It consists of 99 (if I'm not mistaken) art works of children from all around China, youngest among them are the 7 yr-olds, and it was really impressive. :) Some talented kids they've got there.

2 among some of my favorites. I forgot the theme, so the drawings might look meaningless and confusing.

Next, we went to the Century Park, which is also one of the famous attractions in Shang Hai. But oh my it was so cold out and we were all freezing, we couldn't even bother to enter the park to have a stroll in the cold wind. It would be amazingly beautiful though, when all the flowers bloom in spring. And there would be many activities held there. I know, because I read the brochure. :)

My soy bean drink, admiring the beautiful scenery outside the Century Park. :D

I love this picture. The background looks so European, so calm and romantic. What do you think? :)

Okay so after that, Daddy went back to the hotel for he couldn't stand the harsh wind blowing in his face anymore, while sis and I went shopping on our own.

Shopping mall packed with people doing Christmas shopping.

Christmas tree, made up of nothing but Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Oh my, oh my it looks so tasty! :)

And we were lucky enough to be there on time to watch this Christmas Fantasia show. It was awkward cuz the old guy on stage performed some lame tricks and the crowd was not supportive AT ALL. Think sis and I were the only ones who were clapping enthusiastically. ><

He looked a little nutty, and somehow a little insane, lol. And during his performance, he would scream out of nowhere something like "Ouuuu-wheeeeeeeeee!" really loudly and high-pitched, which was annoyingly funny.

After some small acts he pulled out a balloon and blew it up. Then look what he did.

LOL. The expression on his face, so annoying right! :)

 Scary people-jam in the subway on our way back to our hotel.

Met up with Daddy afterwards and had a bad Christmas eve dinner, lol. The chicken was salty, cold and hard, when we wanted so bad to have some hot dishes to eat. And the fish was full of bones, even though it tasted alright ):

After dinner, we went to Xin Tian Di, Shang Hai and took pictures with every Christmas tree we could find, lol. And I love the Christmas tree (in the picture below) best. :)

It's from a cake house named "I cake", with a heart on top of the I. :) It's something like our Taka here, but better.

And if you look closely, you can see that the ornaments on the tree is made up of cakes, which was outstandingly unique.

And then there was Starbucks, that I can't live without :) The exterior design is just so classy and sophisticated. Me likey. Me likey alot.

Vivi mag Jan 2011 issue, out already during Dec 2010 in China. Wth where as we get May issues in August, lol.

Then came the Christmas count down - loud, crowded, fun. It was an awesome night. :)

Daddy looking chic in his leather jacket, and us looking drunk. ;)

Wanted to combine a few days in this post but wow, writing about Christmas Eve took long enough. So I guess i'll stop here for now.

*Spoiler* China Trip Pt. 3 - Boring museum trip. Till then :))

With all the love,

Saturday, January 22, 2011


小小的祝福一直都是最有意思的 :))

Even if it's only a little bunny origami,
a simple Good Morning and a Good Night everyday,
an sms once in a while.

Don't underestimate the warmth the little things in life can provide. Appreciate them!

People cares. But it's sad, because we usually don't realize it.

So in my last post I blogged about how I don't have time to go shopping. But lucky me, i got to go today. Lil sis and her bf accompanied me. They were awesome company and they were so patient waiting for me to change from 1 outfit to the next. Thank you guys! :))

With all the love,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update 20/1

Crazy pic to show how stressed I am recently. LOL :)

Classes end at 3pm for Mon to Fri every week. :( No time for myself anymore. I'm currently trying my best to keep up with homework and Chemistry classes. I honestly don't like you Chemistry! Ugh I just don't get you.

CNY is approaching and my new year clothing is far from enough. 

Many wanted items yet to own. :( And I'm running out of time for shopping. The saddest part, my hair's like crap! Can't dye it, and not planning on straightening it. Sigh what to do. I'll look like crap this CNY. Feels like just leaving the place and not be here for the CNY holidays.

Oh, sorry to say that I'm too busy to be updating about my China trip these few days. (Sorry to you guys that are waiting for the update :)

After like, half a year's time, I've finally finished watching the Korean drama Personal Taste just yesterday. It's a sweet drama and I love the ending. Love Lee Min Ho. <3 And I'm so addicted to this song, I'm learning the lyrics :)

Creating Love - 4 Minute

No, I'm not in love if that's what you're thinking. LOL

Perhaps I'll make a Vlog soon, singing the song for yall? But it's just a thought :)

Till then.

With all the love,

Saturday, January 15, 2011

We Move The World

All the practicing for the past few months came down to this.
14-15th January 2011, Batu Lintang Choir Concert

"We Move the World" :)

During rehersal :)


 An all-black attire with a touch of pink scarf, is the performance look. :)

Been at the MBKS since 9am, rehearsal, performance and all, until 10pm just now. It has been a long and exhausting day. Sore throat, but still I have to sing high pitches in most of the 7 song's I'm taking part in. Tired, but all worthed. Got through the first day's performance awesomely. :))

One more day to go! Performance's feedback is not bad, so we're looking forward to tomorrow and for sure we'll work harder to make the performance better than today's.

See you tomorrow :)

With all the love

Friday, January 7, 2011

Travelled to China

Hi this was Kxin, having ice-cream in winter. :))

So here begins my update about my trip, as promised :) with details and events happened during, things that you won't be able to know if you only view my Facebook and you're no reader of my blog lol. ==


So we flew off to Kl to transit that morning. After approx 3 hrs at the Kl Airport we then had a 5 hour flight to Hang Zhou, China.

With Daddy and Sister at the airport.


My fav Orea McFlurry and sis's LIMITED EDITION Milo flavored Mcflurry at the KL airport. Lunched at Old Town and had Dunkin Donuts before departure. :)

So this is the pre-ordered meal, Chicken rice we had on Air Asia X on the flight to China.

"Wow she eats a lot!!" Sad but true, yes. :( lol.

Not forgetting the Party-pack Smarties xD

Air Asia X.

"Ahhh! It's Randy Jackson!!" Lol.

And a random encounter on the plane with an English-speaking pony-tailed China man :)

It was so tiring, and we only arrived at the Hang Zhou airport around 10pm that night. And, only after 1hr+ drive, we arrived at our hotel arround 12. Went to bed straight after that, buh-bye first day of my trip!

22/12 Okay so we basically spent the whole day that day around the beautiful Xi Hu (West Lake). The lake was only 10-minute walk away from the hotel. It was a really really nice sight-seeing experience. :) By the way the pictures taken this day was uploaded to the Facebook :))

Outfit under the Pink overcoat.

We then hiked to a hill top village to have late lunch around 3pm. It was a long way up and we were all starving cuz we didn't have breakfast that morning, lol. But delicious food was ate, so it's all good :)

Mouth-watering! The fish was called "Haha fish" btw, I wonder why.

After lunch we went back to Xi Hu and watched the sunset. Wanted to surround the 15km circumference of the lake back to the hotel. :) But we got lazy, so we took a cab back instead, lol.

23/12 Wore daddy's oversize sweater, packed our bags,

And we hopped on the express train "和谐号" to ShangHai, train ticket available for 82yuan. :) We travelled at a speed fastest of 298km/hr in the comfortable train and reached Shanghai in only 1hr+ time.

Lunched at "永和大王", which is a sort of fast food franchise store in China, famous for their Soya Bean and Chinese oil stick. I really recommend this place for dining, because they provide good food at a reasonable price, and also the out-of-this-world good service. :))

Visited "南京路步行街" after lunch, a shoppers paradise. Numerous shopping complexes all on one street.

10-storey shopping mall~

An amazingly-built, well-maintained, but EMPTY arcade.

Super super cute Hello Kitty store that reminded me of my beloved sister Jia Fen :))

OMG!! So torturing to find this store at the end of the street. A whole window-display of Nike custom-mades. Any street dancer would surely be attracted by this appealing sight as much I.  

High dunks of the prettiest designs!! :(

So we went in and looked around. There are computers for you to choose the design, the colour, the material for your own sneakers and they will be delivered to your doorstep in approx two weeks time. Recommends, even though i didn't get them for myself :) lol.

The street was pretty at night, with all the buildings lit up with colourful lights. I love the busy vibe of big cities, and I love being among big crowds of people.

Crowd gathered around a few pairs of randomly dancing people.  

Sister tried to convince me to dance with her there, saying that no one would remember us anyway, then why not? Haha, and now to think of it, yeah i should've just went with it, lol.

Then we went to The Bund, one of ShangHai's famous tourist attraction sites. :)) It is a very very beautiful place. 

Now here's the first, one of the many, Vlogs of Kxin's trip to China. (Right click to open in a new tab :)) So it's just a short random vid shot on location at The Bund, showing you guys around. :)

(Used cuz uploads was fast when I was in China. But who knew I can't have the vid shared on the Blog cuz China blocked Blogger TT)

And I end my 3-hour post here. The China trip will soon continue :)

With all the love,