Monday, January 31, 2011

Keryn's Travelogue: Hangzhou, China & Out-takes

My second trip to China began and ended at beautiful Hangzhou. Into pic is Keryn eating ice cream in winter which is very typical!


Spent the beautiful day around West Lake Hangzhou (杭州西湖). The Lake was only 10-minute walk away from our hotel and it was a really really nice sight-seeing experience. :)

We then hiked up to Longjing Village (龙井村) to try the famous Longjing Tea (龙井茶). It was a long way up and we were all starving cuz we didn't have breakfast that morning lol. But delicious food was ate, so it's all good :) Look at that fatty pork belly! Also the fish is called "Haha fish". I wonder why!

After lunch we went back to Xi Hu and watched the sunset. Wanted to walk the 15km circumference of the lake back to the hotel but we got lazy, so we took a cab back instead lol.

But the ambition to surround the lake was achieved when we returned to Hangzhou after our Shanghai visit! 

This was our second last day at China I think. We decided to rent bikes and go on the sightseeing journey by ourselves. :)

(P.S. Can't seem to get a quality upload for the picture above Idk why :O)

Me on yellow, sis on red and Daddy on blue. :)

We had ice cold wind blowing against our faces and our fingers went numb. Along the way daddy was complaining reluctantly of why we had to force him to accompany us on this ride and not let him rest in the hotel, with the cold weather and all LOL. But I'm sure he enjoyed the bike ride too! :P

It took around 2-3 hours to ride around the whole lake, which we actually did. It was truly a fulfilling feeling as I felt that we've accomplished something. :D

Random pretty winter scenery shots. :)

Autumn would have been even more beautiful to shoot don't you think?

We made stops along the way and took some pictures, as there are many botanical gardens and temples surrounding the lake.

But we only manage to visit some places. It was because we started our ride around the noon-evening time and we wanted to get back before nightfall. So yeah, missed a lot actually. So next time if you do get the chance to have this bikeride, I suggest you do a morning one. :)

And on our last day, we did some shopping during the day and took off for the airport at around 9pm that night. We were so worried we might miss the snowing because it hasn't been snowing although the weather reports said it would. And luckily it did. FINALLY :D

At the Hang Zhou Airport. :) Looks no different than our Kuching International Airport *proud.

Outside the airport to have some shots of the snow. :) Oh and silly sis packed some into a plastic and brought them back to Malaysia for her boyfriend lol.

BONUS TIME! Random shots from sister's camera. :D

On Christmas Eve. :)

Lil sis's adorable freezing face. Lol

We have 3 cameras. x)

At The Bund.

   Playing cards in the plane with Daddy dearest.

And that was fin of our China trip. :) (Apologies to the innocent car owner hehehe.)

With all the love,