Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine 2011

14th of February was Valentines. 

I had a rather lonely one, because it was my first Valentine alone since 4 continuous years of celebrating this particular day with someone (Sighs you guys know the story). 

But at the same time it was kinda a sweet day filled with somewhat kinda sweet events. I dunno, lol. :)

Pretty bouquet of roses from the ex. 

In fact I was really surprised to have received this. And there was a card filled with his ever-same touching lines. He was always, and still is really good with words. 

Bouquet of roses from a Facebook guy. Thanks, I was really flattered.

A special arrangement of candles outside my house by a great friend of mine. It was really sweet and honestly I was touched.

Roses, bracelet, a card, and hand-made chocolates from him too.

Chocolates from Chris. Thanks.

It was in bad shape when I reached home from school that day cuz I placed them in my school bag.  I'm sorry. Blame my big fat butt.
Thanks for the gifts you guys :)

A photo of the sweet couple that displayed their lovey-doveyness in front of me the whole night long, which was really depressing. Gosh. LOL. 

Photographed by Kxin. Love this picture :)

So here's an old school saying, 'As long as you're with your loved ones, everyday is a Valentine's Day'. Puke! LOL kidding. Hope everyone had an incredible Valentine, whether you're taken or is still single. :)

With all the love,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNY Eveee

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! :) It's 15 minutes till 12.

Went to Pizza Hut for the reunion dinner. First time eating out for reunion dinner. The Coin shaped pizza is the new thing at Pizza Hut. Tasty stuff. Recommends :)

It's been awhile. Priceless. :)

With all the love,