Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine 2011

14th of February was Valentines. 

I had a rather lonely one, because it was my first Valentine alone since 4 continuous years of celebrating this particular day with someone (Sighs you guys know the story). 

But at the same time it was kinda a sweet day filled with somewhat kinda sweet events. I dunno, lol. :)

Pretty bouquet of roses from the ex. 

In fact I was really surprised to have received this. And there was a card filled with his ever-same touching lines. He was always, and still is really good with words. 

Bouquet of roses from a Facebook guy. Thanks, I was really flattered.

A special arrangement of candles outside my house by a great friend of mine. It was really sweet and honestly I was touched.

Roses, bracelet, a card, and hand-made chocolates from him too.

Chocolates from Chris. Thanks.

It was in bad shape when I reached home from school that day cuz I placed them in my school bag.  I'm sorry. Blame my big fat butt.
Thanks for the gifts you guys :)

A photo of the sweet couple that displayed their lovey-doveyness in front of me the whole night long, which was really depressing. Gosh. LOL. 

Photographed by Kxin. Love this picture :)

So here's an old school saying, 'As long as you're with your loved ones, everyday is a Valentine's Day'. Puke! LOL kidding. Hope everyone had an incredible Valentine, whether you're taken or is still single. :)

With all the love,


Kendrick said...

I can see that your ex still cares for you~!
So sweet & romantic~~~ xD

juicy junkies said...

do check out this blogshop. follow them. spread the words and happy shopping :D

Anonymous said...

so jealous of you T-T i've nvr received anything before.. mind to share? lol..kidding..

kxin♥ said...

@Kendrick I guess so :) We try to continue being friends.

@Anonymous No need to be, alright :) Come, I'll give you chocolates :P