Sunday, March 27, 2011

High school idol II Finals 18/3/11

Sista took part in the High School Idol 2011 competition and DANCED into the finals! So proud of her and her teammate Cherry. :D I skipped my tuition class to go and support her. (Now that's called sister LOVE) 

Oh I went also to support my dancing friends, The Flow Combat. And my school - SMK BL's band. C:

Lil sis pre-comp preparation.

The venue of the event is at St. Joseph's hall. Many many people-nya~ 

Sat in the V.I.P. section for the night. The section was open only for the participants' parents but here we were because of the boys who refuse to squeeze with other ppl, though I believe in those situations, we should. The V.I.P. section lacked pumped up enthusiasm and excitement. :C

On my left, Lih and Andy from FM crew. C:

On my right.
Sista's bf came with his friends but ended up accompanying me, thanks! C:

Okay on to the participants. So there are 15 finalists, competing for the grand prize of Rm500.

Some guy from Kuching High singing You Raise Me Up. He did great, but I don't like the song in general so I don't really enjoyed the performance teehee. He ended up being the CHAMPION. Congrats :)

The 1st RUNNER UP performance. Love their performance though I think they put too much make up on.

Cantonese song singer that surprised us all when he didn't win Top 3. He has a strong, deep voice that suited the song he sang. I blame it on the stupid voting system, which I will get to it later.

A band, whose lead singer singing with one of her ear covered throughout their performance. Maybe she thought that would make her look cool, like a singer wearing an earpiece, but umm, I don't know. Lol, i'm sorry, that was mean.

And my friends felt like beating up the gesture-full male lead with his exaggerated facial expressions.

Okay this guys right here, he don't play his guitar like how usual people do. He played it like a traditional instrument which was so cool! But his performance dragged on really long and there's no excitement so he ended up  dropping out of the Top 10.

At one point of the night, the MC came on stage, and said to the crowd, "Hey, what's with that black thing there? What is it?" *Pointing at the black shadow on the back drop. "Is that a ghost or something?" And in that instant the crowd went "....................................". LOL one of the funniest moments.

The band with the very memorable crazy hair-flipping rocker-chick lead singer, lol.I thought she was awesome! But my friends thought otherwise. Well this goes to show that guys don't like to see girls go crazy, in any way at all. Lol.

Band of SMK BL. C: Know the pretty, pretty Korean-looking lead singer from our school choir.

Final performance of the night, two charming guys performed. Forgot what songs they sang cuz I was only starring at their faces the whole time, captivated by their good looks. Lol kidding! But i seriously forgot what they sang. ==

No pictures of my sister and Flow Combat's performance cuz my cam was occupied in recording the vids. There were also 2 special performances by ... (OMG I forgot the name of the dance crews! == i have serious memory issues... :C)

Prize giving ceremony. Sister and Cherry ended up getting 9th. SHOCKED!! And Flow Combat got 7th. They should've got better ranking. And again, i blame it on the marking system!

60% from the voting and 40% from the judges, where a vote is enclosed with every entrance pass. But what I don't agree with, you can actually buy extra votes for Rm1 per piece. ==

So let's just say this performance was awful, got bad marks from the judges. But the family and friends chipped in $$$$$$$$ and voted, that performance would then win! Omg, this system was lame beyond words could describe.

Then Mcd's afterwards with sis and her bf. Long-longed Mcflurry! :D

And about the Galaxy Tab.... No it's not mine.

I enjoyed the night for reasons more than one. And here's the part when I say, Happiness really comes from these little things in life. I love my life. C:

With all the love,

Friday, March 18, 2011

16/3/11 Photoshoot with FM

If you're by any chance wondering, FM stands for Flawless Momentum. It's the name we (a few of us who got together and dance) came up to call ourselves with. x)

So we basically had the photoshoot just for fun. Lol, random much, I know. :D

6+1 of us in the dressing room. The guys all looked so smart right. ^^

Last pic before leaving. So I'll post the outcome here when I get the pictures yea. :D

With all the love,

Pheng's 19th :)

Yesterday night my friends and I went out to celebrate Pheng's bday. Spent the night at Shuang Tian then to Friendship park. And when we sang Happy Birthday for her, all the other tables sang along with us. Crazy fun. x)

The birthday girl Pheng, eating ice-cream using a ladle cuz we ran out of spoons. Lol.

Rm20 per pax for unlimited food, and including 1 drink. Pork and fish are not provided but there are lamb, beef, chicken, prawns, squids and clams. :)

My fav for the night, toufu! My friends kept cooking for me cuz I love them sooo much. Think half of my stomach was filled with only this la. xD

Our 3-table group ^^

Funny man Jong, formally dressed for a sweaty hotpot party, lol :D

Fashion tip: Grey is soooo in right now. x)

Haha hair was crazy messy at the end of the night. And why do I look so manly? T-T

Lepaked at Friendship Park before heading back. Walked in a big group, talking and laughing out loud like some gangster group. Fun night yesterday night ^^.

With all the love,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Imma be the bulb

Kxin spent the day being the bulb again, went to The Spring for a movie day with the sister and the sister's boyfriend ><

But if it weren't for me being there they won't be able to go out in the first place, so yeah, don't complain! :P 

Pic took with giant Po outside the MBO show halls by the boyfriend. Kung Fu Panda 2's coming soon, anyone anticipating it? Not me though. :D

Watched Big Mommas - Like Father Like Son. 

Great movie! Both the 1st and 2nd Big Momma movie got great responses from the public and they set the bar real high for the 3rd film to overtake. Well to me it didn't fail to meet expectations. 

'What's funnier than a man dressed as a fat woman? TWO men dressed as TWO fat woman!' LOL. 

The son Trent a.k.a Charmaine is a great addition to the movie plot. Love Big Momma's ability of giving the greatest advice to girls and no doubt I would love to have someone like that around me :) Plus, I just love the way they imitate female voices lol. Us girl don't really talk like that though, do we? Haha.

I laughed a whole lot during and really enjoyed myself. Rate 8/10.

Group picture after movie. Hope it doesn't give you nightmares. :))

Shopped at Padini to get some Vincci Accessories. Bought 2 pairs of earrings and a bangle. Currently addicted to Vincci Accessories! And I would always go to Padini just to check if there are new necklaces out to buy. There's certainly something for everyone there. And I used to wonder why my friends love Padini so much. Now I know. :)

Oh and I've found my ideal bday gift there! I promise I'll get it for myself soon, lol. Hope it won't be sold out real quick cuz it's simply gorgeous. >< Will post it out if I do get it yea. :)

P.S. I'm not a spoilt brat. I paid for certain things myself namely all the Vincci items I own..

RANDOM. I love these denim style sneakers chose by sis's bf some time ago! :)

*Let's take a moment to pray for the victims of tsunami that hit Japan. May God bless them and hope they'll be back on their feet soon. And let us also not forget to be thankful for having to live in a peaceful, save country alongside with all our beloved family and friends.

With all the love,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

In China IV: The Shanghai Museum, The Bund

Bah!!! Did i scare you? Hope I did :D

Okay skipping the intro, Imma go straight to the muzeum post. It was 26/12, and there we were at The Shanghai Muzeum. 

No entrance fee required, but you have to go through security and get your bags scanned before going through. There are multiple galleries exhibiting different kinds of artifacts including pottery, jade, coins, furniture and so on.

Well in short, if you're like history and you're an admire of the arts, then this is the place for you. But for us, sad but true, the museum was a bore. :) Okay, pictures.

 Chinese Traditional Clothing Gallery.


Coin Gallery. Getting bored already? 

Jade Gallery.

Calligraphy Gallery. Boring.

And Daddy actually fell asleep, lol.

Enjoyed the wind and the sun outside the museum though. :) It looked sunny and warm, but in fact, like what i've mentioned 100 times before, it was freezing cold!

After that we walked to Nan Jing Road and shopped a little.

I love the pearl milk tea and egg tarts here. Nice stuff!!

Tried the Korean rice cakes for the first time ever in my life. Expected it to be awesome as they made it look so yummy on tv, but I really don't like it. ><

A special corner I found in a little souvenir shop. :) 

So from here you get to choose movie posters or portraits of famous ppl, add a frame to it and make it into a vintage looking picture. Choices ranges from pictures of Marilyn Monroe to movie posters of recent releases like Broke Back Mountain, Titanic, Harry Potter and so on. 

I have a friend that's really into movies, and it was the perfect thing to get him! So I spent 1hr+ just at that corner alone to look through everything,  but I couldn't find the movie he likes. Oh well. :(

While I was there, I got a new hairstyle. :D

And to get to that new hairstyle I need to get through...


 LOL! And in public some more. ><

One of the many Mcflurry stops we had there. :)

And here's what we got at the end of the day. Yay shopping :)

Then another walk at The Bund before heading back. :)

Nothing much on 27th. So in the pic above was the setting of my #2 Vlog.


Keryn dancing to Change by HyunA. Tell me what chu think? :)
28/12 Went to an old China tourist attraction place. But I actually forgot what's the name of the place! Ugh. I love the place though. And we had a good lunch there, lol.


And it was our last day in Shanghai so yeah, another trip to The Bund LOL. 

So I was getting onto the bench just to get a picture taken, but then I got chased off by a patrol officer there.

And THAT was the patrol officer. LOL

 It's just like the dance vid I posted in my Facebook a long while ago. But this time I danced in public and danced in the cold wind, so I didn't do good at all, teehee. Do comment! :) 

And that's all I have time for today. Next China post would be the last one, just so you know. :))

With all the love,