Saturday, March 5, 2011

In China III: The Oriental Pearl, Shanghai


It has been 2 months since my trip to China yet I have yet to finish blogging bout it, lol. Sorry for my laziness and lack of commitment to my blog. :(

Well I guess most of you guys had gave up wanting to read more too. But there was this sudden urge, so here you are again! :P

So it was Chritmas day 2010. We went to visit the famous Oriental Pearl. Didn't get a ticket to go up  because it's only for sight-seeing and we were not very keen of paying just for that.

What we did that day was mostly walking around in the shopping complexes. And here's a high-end cineplex that I think will impress you guys :D

Marble walls with the marble popcorn counter. Ooh so fabulous!

And with movie tickets at the price of 100RMB (Rm50) each. Omg I know right! We can watch 4 rounds of movies in MBO with Rm50. It's not like the movies would be any nicer if you watched it here lol. Some people come for the marble I guess? I dunno.

...So we just lazed around the lobby, and admired the marble walls. Lol.

But the cineplex is located in a high-end shopping mall with it's fabulous, well-maintained toilets, so who could blame them. ><

And here's the part where you'd probably either go "What would it be like if i'm rich...." or "I hate my life!!"LOL. I don't hate my life but. Sorry la, every girl likes branded items okayyy.

Went to a more affordable mall afterwards and shopped a little. Bought my H&Ms for the first time ever. :)  

Why don't we have H&M here in Malaysia? TT

Pretty evening and night view outside the mall. Such a soothing, romantic view :)

And the pretty lights of the Oriental Pearl tower at night. :D

With all the love,

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