Saturday, March 12, 2011

In China IV: The Shanghai Museum, The Bund

Bah!!! Did i scare you? Hope I did :D

Okay skipping the intro, Imma go straight to the muzeum post. It was 26/12, and there we were at The Shanghai Muzeum. 

No entrance fee required, but you have to go through security and get your bags scanned before going through. There are multiple galleries exhibiting different kinds of artifacts including pottery, jade, coins, furniture and so on.

Well in short, if you're like history and you're an admire of the arts, then this is the place for you. But for us, sad but true, the museum was a bore. :) Okay, pictures.

 Chinese Traditional Clothing Gallery.


Coin Gallery. Getting bored already? 

Jade Gallery.

Calligraphy Gallery. Boring.

And Daddy actually fell asleep, lol.

Enjoyed the wind and the sun outside the museum though. :) It looked sunny and warm, but in fact, like what i've mentioned 100 times before, it was freezing cold!

After that we walked to Nan Jing Road and shopped a little.

I love the pearl milk tea and egg tarts here. Nice stuff!!

Tried the Korean rice cakes for the first time ever in my life. Expected it to be awesome as they made it look so yummy on tv, but I really don't like it. ><

A special corner I found in a little souvenir shop. :) 

So from here you get to choose movie posters or portraits of famous ppl, add a frame to it and make it into a vintage looking picture. Choices ranges from pictures of Marilyn Monroe to movie posters of recent releases like Broke Back Mountain, Titanic, Harry Potter and so on. 

I have a friend that's really into movies, and it was the perfect thing to get him! So I spent 1hr+ just at that corner alone to look through everything,  but I couldn't find the movie he likes. Oh well. :(

While I was there, I got a new hairstyle. :D

And to get to that new hairstyle I need to get through...


 LOL! And in public some more. ><

One of the many Mcflurry stops we had there. :)

And here's what we got at the end of the day. Yay shopping :)

Then another walk at The Bund before heading back. :)

Nothing much on 27th. So in the pic above was the setting of my #2 Vlog.


Keryn dancing to Change by HyunA. Tell me what chu think? :)
28/12 Went to an old China tourist attraction place. But I actually forgot what's the name of the place! Ugh. I love the place though. And we had a good lunch there, lol.


And it was our last day in Shanghai so yeah, another trip to The Bund LOL. 

So I was getting onto the bench just to get a picture taken, but then I got chased off by a patrol officer there.

And THAT was the patrol officer. LOL

 It's just like the dance vid I posted in my Facebook a long while ago. But this time I danced in public and danced in the cold wind, so I didn't do good at all, teehee. Do comment! :) 

And that's all I have time for today. Next China post would be the last one, just so you know. :))

With all the love,

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