Friday, March 4, 2011


Celebrated one of my bestie, Yun's 19th bday dinner at Kado some time ago. Realized I forgot to write a post about the day and of course, the food, so here it is. :))

2nd time here and still loving it. Love the design and decoration of the whole atmosphere. Waiters were very polite and the service was good.

(...except for the part when we wanted to cut the cake, we asked for forks and small plates but they gave us tissues instead ><)

Fabulous cheese cake topped with candles indicating 17. Didn't notice this before, lol.


Bunch of friends crazy for honey dew juice, lol, and my pearl milk tea.

My mushroom chicken chop. The cheese-like sauce was actually mushroom sauce. Tasty stuff!

Fried black pepper pork chop with rice.

Mushroom fried chicken with rice.

Forgot-what's-the-meat burger. Lol.

The afternoon was spent at K-11 frm 2 till 8pm, 6 hours to sing till we drop for only rm11. Awesome day that day, awesome indeed. :D

Love you gal! Happy 19th. Hope you love the pyjamas. x)

With all the love,

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