Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Releases

My messy hair has officially gone out of control. Desperately need a haircut soon!

Watched The Black Swan on DVD. Natalie Portman was so great in this film. Her expression can change from her innocent character to an evil soul within a blink of an eye and then change right back. Gosh I was totally blown away by her acting. May I say that you deserve every award you get for this film :D I like the plot and the flow is good. Twists here and here leaving people in suspense wanting to go on watching.

Awesome movie, and I regret not watching it in the cinema. But then, if I watched it in the cinema i'm sure loads of hot scenes would be cut, lol. "Touch yourself, live a little." :) Rate 9/10.

Watched The Rite at MBO with a friend. I jumped a few times during the movie but then my friend didn't even budge, and it's supposed to be a horror film. >< Actually the story was okay, but the way the whole thing came together was just a mess. Well in short we both almost fall asleep watching this. Main character is hot though, lol. Rate it 4/10, and my friend rated it 3/10.

With all the love,

P.S. sorry for the lack of update recently. Forgive me?

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