Friday, March 18, 2011

Pheng's 19th :)

Yesterday night my friends and I went out to celebrate Pheng's bday. Spent the night at Shuang Tian then to Friendship park. And when we sang Happy Birthday for her, all the other tables sang along with us. Crazy fun. x)

The birthday girl Pheng, eating ice-cream using a ladle cuz we ran out of spoons. Lol.

Rm20 per pax for unlimited food, and including 1 drink. Pork and fish are not provided but there are lamb, beef, chicken, prawns, squids and clams. :)

My fav for the night, toufu! My friends kept cooking for me cuz I love them sooo much. Think half of my stomach was filled with only this la. xD

Our 3-table group ^^

Funny man Jong, formally dressed for a sweaty hotpot party, lol :D

Fashion tip: Grey is soooo in right now. x)

Haha hair was crazy messy at the end of the night. And why do I look so manly? T-T

Lepaked at Friendship Park before heading back. Walked in a big group, talking and laughing out loud like some gangster group. Fun night yesterday night ^^.

With all the love,


Yian Ping said...

prettie :) pork n fish are provided thr :p i ate a lot of 3 layer pork lu :PPP i saw the sardine fish? at thr too :PP

kxin♥ said...

Wow really? LOL guess i missed out loads then TT.. xD