Sunday, April 24, 2011

Delizze + Movie updates

22/04/11 Went to dine at Delizze, Premier 101 with the family. :)

We sat at the outer section of the restaurant because the inside was crowded and uncomfortable. Would love it more if the upstairs section was available. :/ LOVE their bakery very much btw. Nice bread, nice pastry, nice everything. :)

Ice blended choc and Lemon Tea.

Sirlion Steak, medium done with Mushroom sauce. :) LOVE the water-boiled veges.

Original chicken chop, topped with tomato sauce. 

I expected the usual grilled chop but to our surprise it was fried. And the sauce was just like tomato from a bottle, which did not get good reviews from Mum, lol. ><

Lamb Shank, with mash potatoes. Tasty stuff, me likes. :) This dish was really big in portion, so I recommend it to be shared by two.

Fairly dining experience. Recommends. :))

Okay, movie updates. :D

Just Go With It

The movie plot is nice and very amusing. Quality romantic comedy - my fav movie genre. :D Jennifer Anniston looks good in every movie or show she's in, and funnyman Adam Sandler never disappoints. The movie would be less awesome if it wasn't for the children characters. And I LOVE Nicole Kidman in this film. Total STARSTRUCK. Movie's is suitable for both sexes.

Rate 8/10. Recommends! :D


Got her movies on DVD and watched it one go. Loved every one of it except Rachel Getting Married. It's very negative and dull, not my type of film. (Rate 4/10) Passengers has a twist in the end, never expected it. Love it. The Devil Wears Prada and Bride Wars were 2 chick-flicks with great ratings at the box office so need not I say more. :)

Paranormal Activity

I know it's hard to believe of how behind movies I am, but I just watched it last Friday on DVD. Gosh it would be so much more thrilling to have watched it in the cinema though.

I love this movie and I wanna applaud the magnificent acting done by the two main characters. (Acting? Real life cam-cording? I couldn't really tell.) The story was great and  excitement slowly built up upon reaching the end of the movie, as the paranormal phenomenons get more and more intense.

Both the parts where the girl sleep walked and stood by the bed watching the guy sleep for hours gave me chills down the spine. And the part where the girl was dragged off the bed, down the hall,  and into the storeroom, screaming all the way till the end, gosh that was really scary. And I would really like to know what really happened that caused the spirit to be so angry at the guy, but the story just left viewers hanging. Can't wait to watch the 2nd movie. :)

 Awesome thriller. Rate 9/10. Recommends, but honestly 'Don't watch it alone.' :)

Red Riding Hood

Watched this at MBO with Daddy and Sis yesterday. Nice movie overall but the plot was kindda.... Surprised ending tho, so i'm not complaining :) And I wouldn't mind wearing their super old school but super pretty robes, lol. It's still showing in the cinema so just go watch it if you're interested in the story. :D LOL i'm no help at all.

Main character dunno what's the name, but she's soooooo pretty. With her milky skin, blonde hair, dolly eyes and all. And I love HENRY! Ohh man he's the bomb like WOW

Rate 6/10.

 Not sure if you noticed, but I feel that I'm really not serious in tonight's movie review, lol. I'm sorry ><

Pretty Easter tea party decoration at the 1st floor of The Spring. So cute :D


Happy Easter to everyone! :)

With all the love,


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